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PM eVidya Benefits Odisha

Odisha is one of the major beneficiary of PM eVidya Program launched to organize Digital Education in the country.

While School Transformation is a big agenda of the Odisha Government, the Union Government is also extending support to the schools in transitioning to Digital Medium of Education.

Education being in Concurrent List of the Constitution and majority of the Educational Institutions are under the domain of the State Government, however Union Government is sanctioning ICT Laboratories, Smart Class Rooms and Tablets for the Teacher Resource Package.

Odisha has been able to get more tabs for their Teacher Resource Package than the neighboring States.

Odisha has received 96,718 Tabs, while Andhra Pradesh got only 70,075, Telengana, 34,257, Chhattisgarh got 43,658, Jharkhand has been able to manage 28,945 Tabs.

Similarly so far ICT Laboratories are concerned, Odisha has been sanctioned 8317, West Bengal 3961, Jharkhand, 3589, Telengana 4975, and Chhattisgarh got on 1989 ICT Labs sanctioned.

So far Odisha is concerned, it is receiving more sanctions of ICT Labs and Tabs than the neighboring States, officials say.

So far Smart Class Room is concerned; Odisha has got sanction for 145, while Andhra Pradesh got 107, however Telengana, 812, Jharkhand, 1768, West Bengal got none.

A Comprehensive initiative is taken up by Government of India in the Department of School Education & Literacy called PM eVidya.

To facilitate Online Learning by all students PM e Vidya has been initiated as part of AtmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan, which unifies all efforts related to digital, online and on-air education to enable multimodal access to education, officials say.

While DIKSHYA is the nation’s digital infrastructure peoviding quality e-content for school education Swayam Prabha TV per class from 1 to 12 is made available.

Sikshya Vani, through which extensive use of Radio, Community Radio, CBSE Podcast is made available for the students, officials say.

Special e-content for visually and hearing impaired developed on Digitally Accessible Information System (DAISY) and sign in language on NIOS and You Tube is made available for digital learning.