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LNG For MCL Heavy Earth Movers

Sambalpur: Coal Major PSU, Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has decided to go for a Pilot Project to use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for its Heavy Earth Moving Machinery(HEMM) in the Coal fields to arrest carbon emissions.

In fact MCL has selected Bharatpur Opencast mine in Talcher Coalfields Zone for the use of LNG as a Pilot Project.

Bharatpur, which has capacity to produce 20 Million Tons of Coal per annum is a major coal mine.

Experts advise that carbon emissions can be reduced by exploring carbon absorption technologies and use of (LNG) and Electric Mobility in HEMM.

These steps are taken to increase energy efficiency in mining to be taken up Use of LNG in diesel driven HEMM to reduce carbon emission.

Ministry of Coal (MoC) had issued a directive to all coal and lignite PSUs to explore the use of LNG in HEMMs and if required take the assistance of IOC and/GAIL.

At least two 100T BEML dumpers are to be retrofitted with LNG kits in Bharatpur mines, said sources.

Consent of Cummins has been taken. GAIL has been approached for assistance and execution of pilot project.

 An MoU was signed after joint visit of the site by CIL, GAIL and BEML .

Subsequently activities for establishment of LNG infrastructure and retrofitting of LNG Kit were taken up by GAIL with technical assistance of BEML.

Pilot Project is likely to be completed by December 2021. 

Similar initiatives are to be taken in WCL, CCL and ECL, said an official.

MoC has charted out several carbon emissions control measures in the coal fields and use of LNG in HEMM is one of such innovative steps, officials admit.