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Government Favors ROR Correction

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has asked all the District Collectors for proper execution of abatement proposals and correction of Record of Rights (RoR) under land acquisition proceedings.

Bishnupada Sethi, Principal Secretary, Revenue & Disaster Management  took the review and directed the senior officials to get in touch with District Collectors in this regard.

And accordingly Additional Secretary Revenue, Avaya Kumar Nayak has written to District Collectors saying “Despite several instructions, it has come to the notice of this Department that abatement of land revenue and correction of RORs are not being effected properly for which the records as well as the demand are not being updated on regular basis.”

Since the RORs have not been corrected, the land continues to remain in the name of the earlier land owner and it has resulted in multiple fraudulent sales, he pointed out.

The Collectors are requested to take necessary steps for effective implementation of the guidelines issued in the matter of abatement of land revenue and correction of RORs in respect of acquired land under land acquisition proceedings and through Direct Purchase.

The guidelines were issued following implementation of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.

As per the guidelines, the land which is purchased directly on bilateral negotiations by project proponents/project implementing agencies for social infrastructure, infrastructure and Government projects, shall be recorded in the Government khata or in the concerned Department khata after mutation.

As the revenue paying lands are acquired through direct purchase for infrastructure and other developmental purposes and the same shall be recorded in Government khata, land revenue in respect of those lands shall be abated.

Since the land revenue shall be abated for all time to come, the capitalized value of land revenue i.e. 25 times the annual rent shall be collected, the guidelines said.

The capitalized value of revenue shall be included in the preliminary estimate of the project. The capitalized value so collected shall be deposited in the relevant Head of Account of Government.

Similarly, the project proponents/ project implementing agencies will have to submit the detailed land schedule of purchased lands (village—wise) along with copies of the registered sale deeds to the land acquisition officer of the District.

On receipt of such applications, the tahsildars shall forward all applications to the LAO of the District for preparation and approval of Land abatement proposal by Collector.

The Land Acquisition Officer shall prepare the abatement proposal in triplicate in form-38 and submit the same to Collector for approval. Then, the Collector shall pass necessary orders for abatement of rent and approve the abatement proposal.

Two copies of the approved abatement proposal shall be sent to Tauzi section of the Collector for records and another copy to the concerned Tahasildar for implementation of the order.

On receipt of two copies of the abatement statements, with the number and date of the order noted on the top and the tauzinavis will return one copy with his signature and the date noted thereon, in token of his receipt of the Statement.

On receipt of formal abatement order, Tahasildar concerned will initiate a Touzi (abatement) Misc Case and pass necessary orders to give effect to the abatement of land revenue and correction of RoR.

The record keeper of the tahasil shall correct the maintained khatians and record all changes in the Register No.1 (Register of Changes) as per rule 98-101 of the Mutation Manual and shall issue intimation slip (in duplicate) to the concerned Revenue Inspector for necessary correction at his level, it said.

On receipt of the intimation slip in duplicate, the concerned RI shall correct his Register No. 1 (Jamabandi Register), Register No. II (Tenants Ledger) and effect necessary changes in Register No.III A (Register of Changes affecting demand) and No.III B (Register of changes not affecting demand), as the case may be.

He shall return the second copy of the intimation slip to Tahasildar as token of the proof of his effecting the changes.

Tahasildar shall collect the capitalized value of land revenue as well as the arrear land revenue over the land till the date of purchase, if not collected before the final order of mutation and deposit the same in the relevant head of Government account.