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Excise Overdrive Scripts Record

Cuttack: Odisha Excise has detected a record number of 202 cases and arrested 219 persons during a Week Long Overdrive against illicit trafficking of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances.

Commissioner of Excise, Ashish Kumar Singh directed the Team Excise to go for a special drive against illicit trafficking of Narcotics Substances like Ganja, Heroin, Cough Syrup etc from 3 February to 9 February, 2023.

Shri Singh, Excise Commissioner monitored the special drive in which 1754 Grams of Heroin, 3063.785 KGs of Ganja, and20.1 Litres of Cough Syrup were seized. 67 numbers of vehicle were also seized. The approximate seizure value of the seized articles is Rs.6.77Crores.

It is pertinent to mention here that till the end of January 2023(Ten months), 1459 number of cases have been registered under NDPS Act with the arrest of 1654 persons and seizure of 30497 KGs Ganja, 27469 Grams Heroin and 938 Litres of Cough Syrup with approximate value of 60.5 Crores.

 Last year till the end of January 2022 (Ten months), 646 number cases were detected with the arrest of 730 persons and seizure of 27200 KGs Ganja, 11299 Grams Heroin and 590 Litres of Cough Syrup with approximate value of 32.7 Crores. There is 126% more number of cases detected with increase of 85% more seizure value in comparison to that of last year.

Directorate of Excise is having close watch in the enforcement activities of field functionaries. The monthly and fortnightly review of all Districts and EI & EB Units are being made regularly by the Excise Commissioner to strengthening the enforcement activities to have a control over Excise and NDPS crimes in coming days.