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DMF Collects 20K Cr

Bhubaneswar: While Rs.20,420 Crore has been collected under District Mineral Foundation (DMF) from eight major districts, Rs.11,428 Crore has been spent in these districts for setting up various developmental projects.

Latest Report on DMF Collection till November, 2022 reveals the fact that from Angul, Jajpur, Jharsuguda, Keonjhar, Koraput, Mayurbhanj, Rayagada and Sundergarh Rs.20,420.49 Crore has been collected by 30 November, 2022.

The above eight districts account for 98 Percent of the total DMF in the State.

According to official sources Rs.20,784 Crore has been allocated to take up 25,084 Projects, which have been approved under DMF funding and 22, 875 Projects were taken up out of which 17,872 Projects have been completed.

Highest collection of DMF was from Keonjhar district, from where Rs.8926.23 Crore has been collected during the year till November.

Second one is Sundargarh from where Rs.5368.19 Crore has been collected and Angul contributed Rs.2591.93 Crore to DMF. Jajpur collected Rs.1698.88 Crore, while Jharsuguda collection touched Rs.1136.07 Crore.

Koraput district collected Rs.364.86 Crore, Rayagada district collected Rs.224.45 Crore and Mayurbhanj district contributed lowest of Rs.109.88 Crore.

While Sundargarh has been allocated highest Rs.7630.82 Crore second highest is Keonjhar, which has been allocated Rs.6680.29 Crore and Anugul got Rs.2256.74 Crore of allocation.

Jajpur got Rs.2045.32 Crore of allocation, Jharsuguda received allocation of Rs.1591.81 Crore, Rayagada received Rs.180.67 Crore and Koraput received Rs.296.35 Crore while Mayurbhanj has been allocated Rs.102.03 Crore for taking up various developmental projects.

However Mayurbhanj topped the list of spending against allocation. This tribal district has been able to spend 79 Percent of the allocation, while Koraput has come second in spending with 69.60 Percent while Angul comes third in spending of 67 Percent of allocation.

While Sundargarh  has received highest allocation, it has been able to spend only 53.83 Percent of the allocation. Jajpur performance is poor with only 44.11 Percent utilization of the allocation, which was much more than its collection amount.

Major spending was done by the Department of Panchayatiraj and Drinking Water (DoPR&DW)as more stress is given for providing drinking water and sanitation in the tribal zones.

DoPR&DW was allocated Rs.4973.90 Crore for taking up 12,546 projects and it has been able to spent 95.87 Percent of its allocation, which has been appreciated by the State Government, said sources.

Spending by Department of Health & FW has been highest with 96.92 Percent of the allocation. Health Care sector was allocated Rs.1100.73 Crore for taking up 556 Projects and it has been able to spend Rs.830.70 Crore.

Social sector projects were given more stress and Department of School & Mass Education was allocated Rs.2576 Crore and spending was Rs.1035.36 Crore, wich is 83.22 Percent of the allocation, officials say.

While Department of Works was allocated Rs.4957.17 Crore spending was Rs.1639.46 Crore, Rural Development Department was allocated Rs.1521.73 Crore and spending was Rs.692.86 Crore, which is 86.56 Percent.

State Government has advised to speed up erection of the projects, so that utilization of funds can be made in a time bound manner.