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Connectivity To GPs

Konark: Usha Padhee, Principal Secretary Commerce & Transport  has presented an ambitious plan for holistic development of various sectors i.e., roads, railways, inland waterways and civil aviation in the state.

Shrimati Padhee speaking in the Senior Officers Conference held here said that the objective of the Department of commerce & Transport.

The theme was ‘Connecting Odisha’ is to provide sustainable, economic, multimodal and safe transportation options for passengers and commodities across the state to create a “New Odisha – Empowered Odisha”.

She said that the Chief Minister, Odisha has envisioned a “New Odisha – Empowered Odisha”.

For this the Department of Commerce & Transport (DoCT) has been given a mandate to provide stage carriage connectivity to all gram panchayats.

Rail connectivity to all districts and create citizen friendly band IT enabled services from DoCT for ease of living and transparency.

Mandate is to create port led development of the coastal corridor of Odisha and make it one of the strongest maritime state in country.

And use of comprehensive strategy and enforcement as well as multi Department and sector approach to reduce road accidents and fatalities is also a mandate for DoCT.

The budget of DoCT for Financial Year (FY) 2021-22 was about Rs.870 Crore which has increased by 61 Percent and reached Rs.1,432 Crore for FY 2022-23.

The increased allocations are for development and augmentation of resilient infrastructure targeting smooth, safe & seamless transportation of public and goods.

Collector-Sundargarh, Gavali P Harshad, Collector-Bhadrak, Siddeswar Baliram Bondar & Collector Nuapada, Hema Kanta Say presented the thematic perspective of their respective districts.