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BJP Rule To Continue After 2024

Bhubaneswar: Saffron Veteran and Union Minister Home Affairs Amit Shah Monday expressed confidence that the BJP under leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will form government after 2024 general elections with the party securing two-third of the majority. 

Shri Shah also claimed that the BJP will form government in Odisha after the ensuing Odisha Legislative Assembly elections scheduled to be held in 2024. 

The BJP Veteran said it while attending a function marking a book reading session and launch the Odisha edition of ‘Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery’. The book highlights the achievements of Shri Modi during the last 20 years as Gujarat Chief Minister and then Prime Minister.

Though BJP is often described as a political party in Hindi speaking region of the country, Shri Shah said the saffron party has formed governments in the north-eastern states, Gujurat, Karnataka and Maharastra. “We will form government in Odisha next time,” Shri Shah said. 
Noting that the people of India after a gap of 30 years installed a government at the centre headed by Narendra Modi with 2/3rd majority in 2014. The BJP’s victory journey is continuing and be repeated in 2024 elections due to its leader’s hard work, dedication and self-less service to the people of India, he said. 
Not naming any political party, Shri Shah said: “Modi ji targeted three aspects which destroyed Indian politics and took it to the path of destruction. They were: politics of dynasties, appeasement and above all corruption.” 

While dynasties politics were checking the politics of performance for which many desirable leaders become undesirable, appeasement policy ensured that the benefits go to some specific categories and not to people as a whole and corruption damaged the economic fabrics.

Stating that the country was stung by corruption to the tune of Rs 12 lakh crore before BJP-led NDA came to power in 2014, Shah claimed that bold steps taken by Modi has dealt a death blow to corruption and paved the way for transparency and honesty.“Modi ji ensured end of all the bad elements of politics and therefore accepted by the 130 crore people of India,” he said adding that with end of such politics, Modi ji established politics of performance with a focus on good governance.

Elaborating on the politics of dynasties, Shri Shah said Modi ji gave an opportunity to the people neglected since decades. In his first term, he made a dalit leader Ram Nath Kovid as the President of Indian and now a tribal woman from remote Odisha village Droupadi Murmu is the “Mahamahim Rashtrapati.” 

Noting that there not a single tribal woman in the Constituenct Assembly even after 75 years of Independence, Shri Shah said Murmu’s election as the 15th Prsident of India has made the poor and tribal proud. He said in the process, the democracy in India is now deep rooted under Modi leadership and parties focusing on dynasties should realize that they need to change or perish. 

Shri Shah also noted that prior to NDA government, the country witnessed policy paralysis and internal security was often in danger. Terrorists used to unleash terror at will killing innocent people while none dared to challenge them. However, Shah said the confifdence of the countrymen was restored after Modi became the Prime Minister, the enemies of the nation were targeted and eliminated in their land also.

He said Shri Modi has not celebrated Diwali with his family, but with the jawans providing security to the nation round the clock. 

Describing Shri Modi as a statesman, a team leader, a reformer, a thinker and a “Upabhog sunya swami” (master without luxury), Shri Shah said his one call for a Janata Curfew during corona pandemic was observed by people in letter and spirit wiout any government notification.

 “Prime Minister Shri Modi has elevated the status of India in the international sphere besides addressing major challenges faced within the country,” Shri Shah said concluding that the book on Shri Modi contains much less contents that the actual.