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Big Growth In Steel

Bhubaneswar: Odisha has achieved a huge growth in Crude Steel Production during last 22 years with a production of 23.24 Million Tons of Steel in 2021-22.

Termed as Mineral Hub of India, Odisha is the largest producer of the Crude Steel in the country with more than 19 Percent share of the Steel production in the country.

While during 1999-2000, Odisha used to produce 1,47,4000 Tons of Crude Steel, which has gone up to 2,32,41,000 Tons in 2021-22, making it 1476 Percent growth.

While Odisha during 2018-19 produced 16.97 Million Tons of Crude Steel, India produced 110.92 Million Ton of crude steel.

During 2019-20, the State hiked its crude steel production to 20.25 Million Ton, when Indi’s steel production came down to 109.14 Million Ton.

Odisha continued to produce more steel in 2020-21to an extent of 21.43 Million Ton, while country’s steel production nosedived to 103.54 Million ton.

During 2021-22, Odisha raised its steel production level to 23.24 Million Ton and India also hiked its’ steel production to 120.29 Million Ton level.

Interestingly the data indicate a decline of steel production in 2019-20 and 2020-21 in the country and decline in production was mainly due to various constraints including COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown measures, disruption in supply chains, logistics, human resources etc.

However, Odisha defied all these issues including COVID-19 Pandemic and continued in producing more and more crude steel in the state.

Over these years, Odisha is continuously raising its crude steel production and in future it will continue to do so, said a senior official in the Department of Steel & Mines.

Such a huge growth rate, it gives an advantage for the State, which is aiming to produce 100 Million Ton by 2030 as country is eyeing to produce 300 Million Ton by the time.

The installed capacity of crude steel making in Odisha has now grown to 33 MT per annum in 2020-21 from just 4 MT per annum in 1999-2000.

Steel Production Scenario is totally changes with major steel producers like SAIL, Tata Steel, AMNS, JSPL, JSL and others.

While the country has 901 crude steel producers in the country, Odisha is having 57 plants producing crude steel.

More capacity is being added and it is expected that Public Sector Steel Majors are also planning for capacity hike and modernization as the country is eyeing for a huge target envisaged in its’ National Steel Policy.

Steel being a deregulated sector, the cost of production is influenced by various factors like global market conditions, trends in price of raw materials, logistic cost, power and fuel costs, officials say.