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All Set For Bahuda Jatra

Puri: Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) and Puri District Administration have made all arrangements for smooth conduct of the Bahuda Jatra tomorrow, following Covid-19 restrictions.    

To give final shape to preparedness, a coordination meeting was held under the chairmanship of SJTA Chief Administrator, Dr Krishan Kumar here today for the festival. 

Puri District Collector Samarth Verma, SP Kanwar Vishal Singh, line department officials, and senior servitors attended the meeting.

A detailed blueprint to organize the Bahuda Jatra, Sunabesa and Niladribije rituals was prepared in the meeting.

Like the Shree Gundicha Jatra, Return Car Festival-Bahuda Jatra will also be conducted without participation of devotees and following all Covid-19 regulations, Dr Kumar said.  

With the help of the Health Department, Covid testing and vaccination of all Sevayats and officials is being conducted and will be completed this evening, he said.

As there is likely to be high temperature during the daytime tomorrow, more heat wave beds and ORS powders will be kept in readiness while water will be sprayed by fire service and PHEO officials, the Chief Administrator said.

Dr Kumar further said Tata Power run CESU authorities have been instructed to ensure un-interrupted power supply at the Grand Road tomorrow like Shree Gundicha Jatra.

The Commerce and Transport Department has assured to provide the required number of vehicles for transportation of Sevayats. All water stand-posts at Grand Road have been checked and adequate water bottles will be put in place for the Jatra, he further said.

As no devotee will be allowed to participate in the festival, necessary arrangements have been made for live telecast of the rituals through DD channel and common feed will be provided so that all media houses can telecast the Bahuda and Sunabesha rituals, he informed.

Flower decoration has been made and Sevayats have be allowed to organized Bhajan programs

“We have appealed to all stakeholders to ensure no outsider can participate in the Bahuda Jatra and all of them have promised for the same,” Dr Kumar further stated.

He sought cooperation from all for smooth conduct of the rituals within prescribed time.

Speaking on repair work going on inside the Srimandir, Dr.Kumar said the work is a process for silver-cladding of eight doors. These include the Jay Bijaya Dwar, Kalaahat Dwar, Beheran Dwar, Satapahach Dwar, West Bhog Mandap Dwar, Adi Narasingh Temple Dwar, Bimala Temple Dwar and Mahalaxmi Temple Dwar.

Since the Jay Bijay Dwar, Kalahata Dwar and Beherana Dwar are located in the sanctum sanctorum, the silver plating of these doors can only be done during the Rath Jatra period. Work on the other five doors can be carried out on regular days, he said.

The ASI team has completed laser scanning of various parts of the temple. It will go for scientific data analysis. After getting the report, the ASI will submit one copy to the SJTA, he stated.

The inspection of sanctum sanctorum was also completed and the ASIASI is doing the electrification work and it can continue after Yatra also

Prohibitory order under Section 144 will be in force in Puri town for smooth conduct of the return journey of Lord Jagannath and his siblings. Curfew order will be clamped from 8 PM today to ensure that no devotees on the Grand Road at the time of the Bahuda Yatra. It will continue till 8 PM on July 21.

No vehicle movement will be allowed in the entire Grand Road other than the authorized vehicles carrying essential services/medical services during the period.

All hotels, lodgings, dharamshalas and guest houses on Grand Road have been closed.

The survey of actual persons residing in the houses located on the Grand Road will be done by the district administration through the Executive Officer, Puri Municipality. During the period of curfew, any person found beyond the survey list without proper justification will be booked by police under relevant provisions of the law.

No person will be allowed to see Bahuda Jatra from rooftop or balcony of buildings, hotels, dharamshalas, lodges and guest houses located along Grand Road (Bada Danda)

All shops and commercial establishments, including medicine shops will not be allowed to open during the period.  All entry points of the district have been sealed in order to restrict movement of people from other districts to Puri district during the period.