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Will Anubhav Varsha Reunite!

After a long fight between a celebrity couple in Odisha, the State Women Commission Tuesday hoped to resolve the marital discord between BJD MP Anubhav Mohanty and his actress wife Varsha.

The Commission Chairperson Minati Behera expressed this hope after holding talks with the couple at the SCW headquarters here.

“I see a ray of hope in resolving the marital dispute of the young couple through sincere intervention and revival of their relationship”, the OSWC chairperson said at Bhubaneswar after holding talks with the couple separately and jointly for over three hours.

Lok Sabha Member from Kendrapara parliamentary constituency Anubhav and his parents were summoned by the Commission on an earlier application made by Varsha.

But Anubhav alone presented himself before the Commission on the day without his parents.

“Since I have utmost regards for the Women Commission, I appeared before it responding to the summon notices”, Anubhav said.

He, however, refused to divulge what transpired in the meeting with the OSWC, where Varsha was also present.

However, Anubhav had earlier refused to join a court-monitored mediation to prevent his break-up with former co-star and wife when a magisterial court here in the city had made the offer during the hearing of a domestic violence case.

Anubhav had then said that he has faith and confidence on Indian judiciary and his divorce suit is now pending in a New Delhi court.

Apart from the domestic violence case, Varsha too has approached a family court here seeking a decree of restitution of conjugal rights.

Recently, the Puri Ghat police station in Cuttack has registered a case against the BJD MP on the basis of the domestic violence and torture complaint lodged by his wife.