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Vedanta Chief Chants Start Up Mantra

Bhubaneswar: Anil Agarwal, Chairman of Vedanta Resources was the Chief Guest at the convocation ceremony of The International Management Institute (IMI) Bhubaneswar.

The International Management Institute Bhubaneshwar held its 8th Convocation and in attendance were over 500 dignitaries from academia, government, corporate world as well as members of the Board of Governors of IMI Bhubaneswar and of RPSG Group.

Vedanta Resources Limited, is one of the world’s leading Oil & Gas and Metals company with significant operations in Oil & Gas, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper, Iron Ore, Steel, and Aluminium & Power across India, South Africa, Namibia, and Australia.

Mr.Agarwal joined virtually, delivered a captivating convocation address and left the students enthralled by his inspiring speech. He told the graduating students that they are the “torch bearers of modern India” urging them to join companies that pride themselves in running their operations on the foundation of technology and innovation and which have the potential to create great value. He emphasized the importance of start-ups and entrepreneurship in building a new India.

Start-up is the new mantra for you. There are unprecedented opportunities in start-ups now that I have never seen in my life before. There are private investors, government support and ample opportunities available for you to become employment givers instead of employment takers”, he said. Mr. Agarwal stressed onthe need for education and offered his full support to IMI Bhubaneswar. His advice to stay humble, stay honest and stay hungry resonated greatly with the graduating students.

Mr. Agarwal spoke of his humble beginnings and his early struggles. He encouraged the students to never be afraid but to follow their heart while staying grounded. He mentioned that with the rapid advancement of technology and with the inherent ability of Indian students, the future of India was bright. He went on to say that “The Government of India is keen to push the digital agenda. Keeping this in mind, there is no reason why people like you cannot create the next large technological global giant.”

Mr. Agarwal lauded the recent Government policies that improved the ease of doing business andhelped in building the MSME ecosystem in the country. He highlighted how an ecosystem for new businesses is being developed in India and said, “If you have a great idea, there are multiple avenues and support systems available nowto make you succeed.The government is on the right track with regards to the privatization of many industries to bring about accelerated growth and work towards fulfilling the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister of making India a $5 trillion economy.”

He also highlighted how smart businesses run by young minds can help India fightthe issue of importsby driving technological advancements to the fullest. In reference to the subject, Mr. Agarwal went on to say, “We have some of the largest mineral deposits in the world, yet natural resources are being imported. India is being looked at by most developed countries as a dumping groundand it is now up to the future generation to create a market for the country’s economyusing the power of technology to change how the world sees our country.”

Believing in the potential of the state and the people of Odisha, Vedantais one of the largest investors in the state having made investmentsover of Rs. 50,000 crores. This has resulted in unprecedented impetus to the socio-economic development to the districts of Jharsuguda and Kalahandi where the company has operations. The setting up one of the world’s largestaluminium complexes, alumina refinery and power plants has been instrumental in the creation of over 4 lakh direct and indirect jobs along with multiple large-scale business opportunities for the local populace. Mr. Agarwal went on to talk passionately about how important it was for fresh graduates across our country to look at becoming job creators, especially in the MSME sector of our country. To showcase belief in MSMEs being the driving force for a New India, Vedanta is investing another Rs. 10,000 crores to set up a downstream Aluminium Park in Odisha which will result in the widespread development of over 100 more MSMEs leading to even greater economic development for the state.

As a company that cares and looks to give back to society, Vedanta has invested in social welfare schemes around healthcare, education, providing livelihoods and infrastructure development in Odisha benefitting lakhs of people across hundreds of remote villages every year. With operations in the remote hinterlands of the country, Vedanta has been instrumental in alleviating poverty by triggering holistic development through its community development practices introducing amenities like clean water, sanitation, electricity, education, emergency medical services, ambulances, roads and much more.