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State Seeks Bankers Support

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said the State Government is very serious about restoring economy both at State and household level.Addressing State Level Bankers’ Committee (SLBC) Meeting he said Covid as a Pandemic has impacted both lives and livelihoods.

Doctors and Covid Warriors are fighting to save lives. Bankers are also Covid Warriors as you are central in our fight to revive and restore livelihoods.

Expressing deep condolences to the families of Bankers who lost their lives to Covid serving the people, Chief Minister appreciated the efforts of  the banking community for doing great service even during the lockdown period risking their lives.

He said the Government is very serious about restoring economy both at State level and at individual household levels.
For this there are three important interventions where State needs unstinted support.

 He said Credit to Farmers, Mission Shakti Self Help Group and MSMEs requires their continued support.
CM said “We are providing more than 600 crore rupees for interest subvention to facilitate farmers get loan at ‘Zero percent’ up to 50 Thousand rupees and at 2% up to Rupees 3 lakhs. We also have our ‘Balaram’ Scheme to help our Share Croppers”.

In case of Women Self-help Groups, Mission Shakti, My Government is providing 100 Percent interest subvention up to Rs.3 lakhs making it interest free, said he.

CM said similarly for MSMEs State has designed some interest subvention to boost the sectors.
He would be closely monitoring Credit Flow to these three crucial sectors and have a district wise review with Collectors and bankers jointly by the end of November, pointed out CM.

CM said the best performing banks would be awarded with Chief Minister’s award for Champion banks.
And he would also inform about the performance to the Union Finance Minister.

Chief Minister said “As I said earlier if doctors have a major role in saving lives, Bankers have a major role in saving livelihoods. I am sure all of you will raise to the occasion in helping the poor and needy. Espicially- Women, Farmers, and MSMEs”.