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State Raises More Revenue In Pandemic

Tax Collection

Bhubaneswar: Despite setback due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Odisha Government has been able to generate more resources during Financial Year 2020-21 in comparison to a normal Fiscal of 2019-20.

Latest Report on Collection of State’s Revenue reveals that Odisha Government has achieved more than 18 Percent growth in March 2021 as compared to March 2020.

Collection of both Tax and Non Tax Revenue during 2020-21 clocked Rs.55511.63, which is all time high though the Fiscal was dented by COVID-19 Pandemic.

While Own Tax Revenue was Rs. 34,421.09 Crore Non Tax Revenue was Rs.21,090.54 Crore during 2020-21.

Of the Own Tax Revenue, the Commercial Tax collection was Rs.21,090.38 Crore, which include VAT, Entry Tax, SGST and IGST share.

Excise Collection was less as compared to 2019-20. While Tax collected from Excise was Rs.3962.37 Crore during 2020-21, it was Rs.4495.42 during 2019-20. Stamp and Registration Collection also registered better growth during last Fiscal.

While Odisha collected Rs.2887.89 Crore during 2020-21, it registered more than 100 Percent growth as against 2019-20.

Department of Revenue and Disaster Management geared up for revenue collection, which resulted in achieving 101.26 Percent growth, officials say.

However Taxes on Vehicles was also less during 2020-21 in which Odisha collected Rs.1776.90 Crore, while it was Rs.1836.32 during 2019-20.

Taxes and Duties on Electricity clocked big rise, which was more than Rs.1000 crore than 2019-20.

Overdrive by Department of Energy has resulted in big raise as Odisha collected Rs.3938.13 Crore during 2020-21, while it was Rs.2819.67 during 2019-20.

This collection from Power Sector has boosted the Own Tax Revenue in a big way, officials admit.

On Non Tax Revenue front, Mining and Metallurgical Sector performed much well though the sector was badly hit by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Collection from Non Ferrous Mining and Metallurgical Industries went up to Rs.13,591.58 Crore during 2020-21.

This sector registered growth of 23.34 Percent as compared to 2019-20, when the collection was Rs.11,020.02 Crore.

Interestingly State set the target of this sector at Rs.12,500 Crore during 2020-21, however collection crossed the target and came as a big help to State, admit officials.

Non Tax Revenue collection from Interest, Dividend, and Education clocked much better growth as compared to 2029-10.

However Central Share Tax and Grants from Center came down as compared to 2019-20.

Share Tax from Centre received jolt with a negative growth of 9.56 Percent, while Grants from Centre experienced similar fate with a negative growth of 5.79 Percent.

This had unnerved the State Government as the State was more or less dependent on the Central Support, however with overdrive on collection of Own Taxes and Own Non Taxes adverse situation was averted as the State Government was able to funds its programs and most importantly the Health Care Spending during the Pandemic, pointed out a senior official.