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Sri Sri Thakur Satsang Organized

Mumbai: An Online Satsang was organized on Sunday, 12 December, 2021 by the devotees of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.

Devotees in large number of  Badlapur, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai attended the satsang.

The satsang started at 11 am and continued for two hours where prayer, meditation, sermons from the holy scriptures and divine discussion on the ideology of Sri Sri Thakur were organized

Sri Bhagawat Patil, Saha Prati Riwik , Satsang gave the introductory speech. 

The Chief Speaker of the day was Dr Binayak Mohapatra, Prati Ritwik and Assistant Secretary of Satsang, Deoghar who spoke on the importance of having an Ideal centric life with attachment to Sadguru in one’s life.

“As much intense and vigorous our attachment to the Living Ideal and the adjusted behavior one acquires, so much is the utility of life as human being one can experience”, said Sri Mohapatra.

He also said “As we move on the path of Guru Centric or Ideal centric life, we acquire all-round efficiency and maturity and we can master the inherent complexes that hinder our progress and in the process we move forward in an ever progressing path and life becomes meaningful”.

The concluding speaker was Sri Bhajan Kumar Roy, Sahaprati Riwik, Satsang who spoke about love towards Guru or the Living Ideal and how it helps us in enjoying a blissful life.

The program was compered by Sri Jayant Dipte, Saha Prati Riwik, Satsang.

Sri Krupanidhi Biswal, Saha Prati Riwik, Satsang coordinated the entire program, which was attended by large number of devotees of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.