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Promotion For 16 IAS

Bhubaneswar: At least 16 senior IAS Officers have been promoted to higher ranks and it will be effected on 1 January, 2023, thanks to 5T Charter of providing timely promotion to the officers.

While Seven Veteran IAS Officers have been promoted to Additional Chief Secretary Rank with Apex Scale in IAS, two IAS Officers have been given promotion to the rank of Principal Secretary and seven IAS Officers have been given promotion in commissioner Rank.

Three IAS Officers of 1993 Batch Deoranjan Kumar Singh, Nikunja Bihari Dhal and Surendra Kumar have been given promotion and appointed in the rank of Additional Chief Secretary.

Similarly four IAS Officers serving in Government of India like 1991 Batch IAS Sanjay Rastogi, 1991 Batch Saurabh Garg, 1992 Batch Chandra Sekhar Kumar and 1993 batch IAS Ashok Kumar Meena have been given Proforma Promotion in rank of Additional Chief Secretary with effect from 1 January, 2023.

In fact 1993 Batch IAS Officers are eligible for promotion on 1 January, 2023 and they received it in time.

Similarly 1998 Batch IAS Officers Suresh Kumar Vashishth and Vishal Gagan also received timely promotion to the rank of Principal Secretary.

Both are serving in Odisha Government and they will reap benefit of 5T Charter mandating timely promotion.

Six IAS Officer of 2007 Batch IAS also received timely promotion of Super Time Scale in the rank of Commissioner.

They are Aravind Agarwal, Salwant Singh, Sachin R Jadhav, Gyanaranjan Das, Ranjan Kumar Das and Sangramjit Nayak.

2007 Batch IAS Ravindra Pratap Singh, who is on Central Deputation also received Proforma Promotion like his batch mates.

Department of General Administration and Public Grievances has brought out the notification in this regard.

Four senior IPS Officers have also been promoted to Additional DGP Rank.

They are Amitabh Thakur, S Dev Datt Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Ravi Kant.

Senior officers are happy over their timely promotion and they will receive the New Year Gift on 1 January, 2023.