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Promotion Bonanza For Teachers

Bhubaneswar: As per the direction of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the residency period for the promotion of primary school teachers in the State has been reduced.

This will pave the way for the promotion of 63,303 primary teachers in the State. In addition, the teaching posts for various subjects and also headmaster posts will be filled at primary and upper primary levels.

The availability of adequate teachers at various levels in primary education will lead to improvements in the management of primary schools as well as the academic environment in the schools, the Chief Minister said.  

With the implementation of the proposal, 29,759 assistant teachers at level V (A) will be promoted to V (B) level while another 29, 759 senior teachers at V (B) level will now be promoted to level-IV. Similarly, 3785 headmasters (level-IV) will be promoted to level-III by September 2021.

Sources said that the residency period for assistant teachers has been reduced to six months from the existing one year. The residency period for getting promotion to level III from level IV has been reduced to 1 year from 2 years.

In 2019, the cadre of primary teachers was restructured to create 51,164 posts in place of 21,463 posts at Level-IV and 18,769 posts in place of 9,305 posts at Level-III.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister congratulated all the teachers who are going to be promoted and wished them all the success of the State Government’s efforts towards quality education.