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Parikrama Project On Track

Puri: Shree Mandira Parikrama Project in Puri was put on fast track with Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra looking into the field level progress of is construction, landscaping and development.

Mr.Mahapatra visited the site last evening, talked with the engineers and workers at the ground zero level, reviewed their work plan, and set time line for completion of different tasks.

Mr.Mahapatra directed to complete all construction works in about coming 9 months.          Review show that the heritage corridor is being developed around Meghanada Pacheri surrounding the world famous abode of Shree Jagannath in Puri for facilitating devotees, strengthening security of the pilgrims and the shrine. The corridor will also be helpful for devotees, sevayats,  and smooth management of different festivals/rituals  associated with Lord Jagganath.

Available data show, the corridor will have five principal zones viz. buffer no entry zone, inner pradakshina path, landscape zone, outer pradakshina path, and public convenience zone.  

The corridor will be decorated with  stone decorative, wood trees, shrubs and flower beds related with Jagannath culture. The inner Pradakshina path will be principally used for ceremonial procession of the deities round the year in various festivals and mandira pradakhsina by the devotees.   

The public convenience zone will be for security and facilitation of the visitors.  This convenience zone will have amenities like drinking water fountain, rest pavilion, donation kiosks, information center, sevayat wash room, security control room, first-aid room, mini clock room, separate toilets for male and female visitors, and electric room etc.  

The first phase of the project has been grounded with financial estimation of around Rs.331.28 crore. The ground level work has made good progress.

The works for outer access road on all three sides, 6 toilets, 3 shelter pavilions, mini clock room, electric room etc are progressing on war footing. Collector Puri,  Samartha Verma, Engineer Pravat Panigrahi along with senior engineers of OBCC presented the work plan with current updates for review.