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Overdrive on Transport Enforcement

Cuttack: Fitness certificates of as many as 465 transport vehicles were cancelled across the State during a surprise check.

Arun Bothra, Transport Commissioner and Team Transport is on overdrive for enforcing Motor Vehicle Rule in the State.

Nearly 350 vehicles were also issued challans across the state for having non-functional tail lamp/ headlight or retro reflective tape.

Notably, the State’s Transport Department has launched a massive drive against vehicles who openly disregard Motor Vehicle (MV) rules.

A special drive was carried out against such vehicles on May 10 from 8pm to 6am of May 11 across the State by the enforcement squad of the State Transport Authority.

Retro reflective tapes are compulsory in commercial vehicles as per rule 104 to 104E of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR). Using these tapes reduces the safety risk at night and in times of low visibility.

Commercial vehicles are often found playing while floating these CMVR.

Around 2468 vehicles were checked during the special drive, out of which 406 vehicles had defective tail lamps, 34 vehicles were found with defective headlights and 128 of them had defective retro reflective tapes.

The drive was extensively carried out in regions having industrial and mining activities as it is most commonly seen that many goods vehicles plying in these regions do not comply with these MV rules causing accidents during night.

Enforcement squads have been asked to conduct such drives at regular intervals.

In the recent past many serious accidents took place in the night causing loss of precious lives