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Online Ramayan Show Opens

New Delhi: Union Minister Tourism and Culture, Prahlad Singh Patel inaugurated the Online Exhibition on Ramayana, the Epic by Maharishi Valmiki.

This is the very first online exhibition on the Ramayana. The online exhibition showcases forty nine(49) miniature paintings collections of National Museum, New Delhi from different art schools of India, dating from the 17th through the 19th century

He addressed a webinar ‘India’s Heritage: Powering Tourism’ organized by Ministry of Tourism on the occasion of World Heritage Day 2021 today.

During his address, Mr.Patel said  that World Heritage Day is being celebrated since the  last 39 years only  while  our heritage is thousands years old.

The Minister explained that India has a unique heritage of temples, dance, music, shastras which can’t be found anywhere in the world and protecting these invaluable inheritances for future generations is a collective responsibility and requires a renewed focus on community participation and awareness in addition to the regulatory and administrative framework.

Mr.Patel said that we now need to deliberate and work seriously in the field of  heritage. It is the responsibility of the  younger generation to carry forward the task of promoting the vast heritage of the country with proper facts and timelines.

This can be done by them successfully since they are adept at technology and have more resources which provide invaluable tools with the help of which they can trace history and events more accurately, the Minister elaborated. This should be taken up by them as a challenge, he said.

Mr.Patel added that our heritage sites and monuments have a close association with diverse artistic traditions and cultures. We have several ancient sites and temples but they have not received their due at the global platform which they deserve.

The Minister said that it is essential to bring together our pool of good quality human resource comprising of conservationists, archaeologists and historians who can throw proper light on the vast heritage and  take it on to the world platform in a professional manner. It is also important to keep building this pool of essential human resource simultaneously , the Minister urged.

Mr.Patel said that we are trying to boost tourism and our culture and heritage are the major attractions for the tourists. Towards this end, we must have long term plans which will include systematic development of our culture and heritage and showcasing it at appropriate forums to get concrete results, with the involvement of the younger generation. 

Webinar “India’s Heritage Powering Tourism’ was organized to explore the extensive and splendid tangible and intangible heritage of India and its importance in enriching tourist experience. The brain storming session was modulated by ADG, Tourism Ms Rupinder Bra