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Naveen Releases Book On Gajapati

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday released a book titled “Gajapati: A king without A Kingdom”, written by Ashok Bal.

The book deals with the fascinating history of Gajapatis beginning from Suryavanshi Gajapati Kapilendra Deb. After Ganga kings, the title of Gajapati was adorned by Kapilendra Deb and his successors uninterruptedly. The royal title is in vogue till date. 

The book highlights a unique facet of ritualistic association between Gajapati kings with Lord Jagannath. Ganga dynasty King Chodaganga Deb held Purusottam Jagannath as the Supreme. The remarkable association of Gajapati as ‘Adyasevak’ is a unique aspect in the relationship between the Lord and royalty that earned respect and reverence for the Gajapati. The distinctive aspect of the linkage, based on the doctrine of surrender and subordination, was an innovative experiment in statecraft which helped in securing continued trust of people and expanding the kingdom.

Kapilendra Deb’s regime was the pinnacle of Odia glory and grandeur when the kingdom stretched from river Ganga to river Cauvery.

The long and rich history of Gajapati deserves the attention of students, teachers and the general public. Bal’s attempt to present and project the tradition and its myriad narratives is a praiseworthy attempt.