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Move To Book Power Thieves

Bhubaneswar : While working towards providing uninterrupted power supply to the consumers even during the pandemic, Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) has to bear huge losses due to power theft.

This unethical practice ultimately hinders development of infrastructure to extend services to under-served areas and improve services to existing customers.

Ultimately, the burden of these losses is carried by paying customers with higher tariffs, the taxpayers through subsidies and/or the poor with deficient service.

To deal with such unscrupulous consumers who indulge in power theft, TPCODL has engaged its enforcement team to book these theft cases.

TPCODL has deployed many enforcement teams in its area of operation, and in the month of December 2020, they have checked 1,855 cases and booked 286 cases.

 TPCDOL has also shared its mobile number 9437158670 with consumers to report electricity theft cases through WhatsApp or SMS.

Consumer can also share photographs of theft if available, so as to help TPCODL check power theft.

Commenting on the work of the Enforcement team, TPCODL Chief Executive Officer M Shenbagam said, “This effort of keeping a check on electricity theft will ultimately safeguard the consumers’ interest in long run, be it lesser tariffs, infrastructure development or services.”

He urged the consumers to take legitimate electricity connections and pay their bills on time to avail uninterrupted power supply.