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Mantra For Ama Hospitals

Bhubaneswar: With an aim to enhance the quality of health care services in the facilities covered under Ama Hospital program, the State Government has asked all District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners to implement seven best practices in these hospitals.

Health and Family Welfare Secretary Shalini Pandit has recently written a letter to all Collectors and Municipal Commissioners, in this regard.

It is worth mentioning here that the State Government has launched the new scheme, Ama Hospital, which has an ambitious target to transform 147 health facilities in a record period of nine months. An outlay of Rs. 750 crores has been made for the scheme in the annual budget for 2023-24.

Under this scheme the physical health infrastructure, basic patient amenities and service delivery system in the public health facilities, i.e. Community Health Centres (CHCs), Sub-District Hospitals (SDH) and District Headquarter Hospitals (DHH) will be upgraded.

During the recent Senior Officers’ Conference held here last month, the seven best practices in the health sector were presented by the concerned District Collectors.

Now, the Health Department has decided to replicate the best practices in the Ama Hospitals. The best practises are—Online OPD Appointment (Capital Hospital), Digitization of Laboratory Tests (Capital Hospital), Automated Queue Management & Patient Calling System (Mayurbhanj District), Digital Information System & Touch Kiosk (Koraput District), Re-use of discarded water of RO Plant (Jharsuguda District), Restricted Entry Pass for Patient’s Attendant of IPD patients (Bolangir District) and Dedicated Stretcher pathway for patient movement (Bolangir district).

“A these best practices have a positive impact on improving service delivery and patient satisfaction, the same may be replicated in your district with local modification if required, in all Ama Hospital selected facilities on priority,” Shrimati Pandit told the Collectors.

Online OPD appointment was implemented in the Capital Hospital to streamline patient treatment flow while also empowering the workforce to perform to their full potential in an optimised and efficient manner.

This option will ease the patient to get an appointment from a doctor for any date & department. Patient can register himself to get the appointment slip (OPD ticket) from anywhere, so that patient will not be in a long queue at the registration counter of the hospital.

The Digitisation of laboratory tests module customizes the process of collecting clinical data of each and every patient who is advised for lab tests. It stores all the test reports of patients for future reference.

The automated queue management and patient calling system adopted in Mayurbhanj district hospital has streamlined the service delivery process.  

Similarly, the digital information system and touch kiosk was introduced in the interest of patient services at DHH Koraput in Jeypore with the support of the district administration in 2021-22. These display boards show the updated data on stock position of drugs and consumables, doctors and nursing duty list, ambulance service and contact number, blood stock position, NIDAN, NIRAMAYA and other services.

Moreover, the Jharsuguda district hospital has installed an RO to re use its waste water. The water is being used for civil works, plantation, cleaning, etc.

VIBGYOR colour coding patient’s attendant entry pass of Bolangir DHH has been selected as best practises. Separate colour coding pass is being provided to the attendant to control the crowd inside the hospital.

The dedicated stretcher pathway for patients’ movement adopted by the Balangir district has also been identified as best practices the healthcare institutions.