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Industry To Arrange Vax

Bhubaneswar: Corporate Sector and Industrial Establishments have been advised to go for vaccination program through their own hospitals or by tagging to a private hospital’s COVID Vaccination Center (CVC).

Under Liberalized Pricing and Accelerated National COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy, Private Hospitals can procure vaccine directly from the manufacturers.

With Phase III Vaccination Program going on the State, Odisha Government has advised the Corporate and Industrial Establishments to vaccinate their employees and family members by procuring vaccines of their own through their own hospitals or if a hospital is not available, they can do by tagging with a Private Hospital CVC .

In order to accelerate the COVID-19 Vaccination drive, ACS Health & Family Welfare Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra has issued the Guidance Order on COVID-19 Vaccination at Workplace for both Government and Private Sector.

Phase III Vaccination Program is meant for 18-44 Years and 45 Years and above age group of beneficiaries.

The family members and dependants of the workers can also be covered with COVID-19 vaccination at the Industrial CVCs, Private Workplace CVCs and the Government workplace CVCs.

For Industrial CVCs and Private Workplace CVCs, for covering the beneficiaries the vaccine doses will have to procured by the Private Hospitals or the Industrial Establishments with whom respective employer tie up for vaccination.

For Government Work Place CVCs, beneficiaries 45 years and above may be covered through State Government Vaccine Supply, said Ministry of Health & Family Welfare in its recent directive to the State Government.

Therefore, Corporate and Industrial Establishments will have to plan for vaccination of the employees and their family members by creating Work Place CVCs in CoWIN as per feasibility and similarly inform Industrial Establishment, Private Hospitals on Work Place Vaccination, said the Guidance Order.

While there is a miniscule but definite risk of  thromboembolic events following the administration of Covishield vaccine.

Thromboembolic event is formation in a blood vessel of a clot (thrombus) that breaks loose and is carried by the blood stream to plug another vessel.

The clot may plug a vessel in the lungs (pulmonary embolism), brain (stroke), gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, or leg.

The reporting rate of such events in India is around 0.61/Million doses of Covishield and there were no potential thromboembolic events reported following Covaxin vaccination.

Although, the incidence of such events is less than expected rates, it is utmost essential for early management and timely reporting of suspected adverse events for investigation and causality assessment, said the directive issued to District Collectors and Commissioner Municipal Corporations and CDM & PHOs.

It has been advised to the Health Care Service providers for diagnosing and treating Thrombosis and Thromboembolic (TTS) occurring after administration of COVID-19 Vaccine.

Beneficiaries have also been advised for reporting of such events to the Health System and to be aware of TTS and seek medical help.