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Heritage Corridor Gets Unanimous Support

Bhubaneswar : Odisha Legislative Assembly (OLA) has passed a Unanimous Resolution regarding the Shree Jagannath Heritage Corridor project.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik presented the Resolution through video conference. Three proposals were presented in the Resolution.

Firstly, it was to take a vow to complete the Shree Mandira Parikrama Plan with dedication at the earliest.

Secondly another proposal was presented to have participation and contribution of all Odias and Devotees of Lord Jagannatha for the Heritage Corridor Project.

CM presented another proposal to extend gratitude to people of Puri Town who have sacrificed for the Shree Mandira Parikrama Plan.

CM said that “The greatest identity of Odia community is Lord Jagannath. Our history, culture, tradition and belief system are all centered on the Almighty. He is the symbol of Odia Esteem and Pride”.

Chief Minister said all the devotees who come to the Shree Jagannatha Temple for Darshan of Trinity have a desire to see the Lord in a peaceful, beautiful and spiritual environment.

Mr.Patnaik said “Millions of devotees pray to visit the Shree Jagannath Temple once in a lifetime and get a glimpse of the Lord. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that all devotees return with a divine feeling”.

Chief Minister informed the House that three objectives were considered for Shree Mandira Parikrama Jojana when Justice BP Das Committee had recommended for Security Corridor for 12th Century Shrine.

Justice Das Committee recommended for safety of millions of devotees visiting the temple for Darshan of Trinity and creation of spiritual atmosphere for devotees.

Chief Minister said “In general, the State Government has taken steps to implement the Plan. I firmly believe that this Plan is not only for the Government or for the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration. It is the Plan of 4.5 crore Odias”.

Chief Minister said Gajapati Maharaja Shree Dibya Singha Deb led the Team along with the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration has drawn up a Shree Mandir Parikrama Plan after several discussions with various stakeholders.

Mr.Patnaik profusely thanked Gajapati Maharaja and other stake holders for their contributions.

Mr.Patnaik termed it as a historic moment for all of us. Such opportunities are rare. All of us, all the people of Odisha, have come together to share this unique moment today.

Leader of Opposition Pradipta Kumar Naik supporting the proposals said his party is supporting the Resolution to make Puri a world-famous Heritage City.

Extending support, Congress Legislature Party Leader Narasingha Mishra said, “It’s really excellent job done”.

Mr.Mishra said that Congress party also supports Shree Mandira Parikrama Plan for maintaining the Culture and Heritage as well as the History of Odisha.

Shree Mandira Heritage Corridor will attract large number of devotees and tourists across the country and it will boost economy of the region, pointed out veteran Lawmaker.

Gajapati Maharaja Shree Divya Singha Deb in statement said, “I am grateful to the Members of the Legislative Assembly for unanimously approving the Shree Mandir Parikrama Development Project. This historical project undertaken by the state government under the leadership of the Chief Minister marks the beginning of a significant process for transforming Shree Jagannath Dham to its rightful place as one of the foremost religious, spiritual and cultural centers of the world.”

 “May Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu bless this historical endeavour with complete success,” the Gajapati said.

 According to the Shree Mandira Parikarama Plan, the entire area within 75 metre around the Shree Jagannath Temple will be transformed into a Heritage Corridor to attract millions of devotees from across the world.

Puri District Collector Samarth Verma said that the land acquisition process for the plan within the 75 meters corridor is almost complete.

“We are going ahead with the acquisition through continuous negotiation. We are trying to resolve the issue by compulsory land acquisition and through direct purchase route,” Mr.Verma said.

He also said that most of the people have come forward to donate their land for the project.