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GST Records 65 % Growth

Bhubaneswar: The GST collection upto September of the current financial year 2021-22 has recorded a growth of 65.44 per cent, an official said on Saturday.

The progressive GST collection till September was Rs 20,303.86 crore while Rs 12,272.98 crore collected till September of last fiscal. The corresponding collection till September 2019 was Rs 15026.08 crore.

There was a 40 per cent growth in GST collection during the month of September 2021 only. The State has collected Rs 3325.94 crore in last month as against Rs 2383.99 crore collected in September last year. This is the highest growth rate of GST amongst all the major States in the country, the official said.

Similarly, the collection of Odisha GST (OGST) has recorded a growth of 48 per cent. The OGST collection during the month of September was Rs 929.68 crore against a collection of Rs 631.08 crore during September 2020.

The progressive collection of OGST upto September of FY 2021-22 was Rs 5,766.43 crore while the State had collected Rs 3671.45 crore during the same period last financial year. The progressive OGST collection has recorded a growth of 57.06 per cent till September. The corresponding figure till September’19 was Rs 4332.49 crore.

Similarly, there is a collection of Rs 772.93 crore in CGST, Rs 996.48 crore in IGST & Rs 626.85 crore in Cess during September, 2021. There was a growth of 55.46 per cent in collection of CGST, 30.56 per cent in IGST & 27.28 per cent in Cess over September 2020.

The total collection of VAT (Petrol and Liquor) was Rs 807.81 crore during September 2021 as against Rs 577.27 crore during September 2020 with growth rate of 40 per cent.

This growth during August is a result of better compliance by dealers having turnover of more than Rs 5 crore as well as follow up action of non-filer assessment and return scrutiny in case of wrong return filers, said an official.

due to better performance of manufacturing as well as mining sector and collection from matured GST demand made by tax officers after return scrutiny. In addition to economic activity, anti- evasion activities, especially action against fake billers is also contributing towards enhanced GST collection, he added.

Moreover, the total e-waybill generated during September this year was 13.67 lakh against 12.33 lakh during September 2020 witnessing a growth of 10.89 per cent. This reflects strong recovery in economic growth, particularly in goods trade.

The CT & GST organization has been focusing on increasing the tax-base of GST with regular survey and registration. About 22,086 new registrants have been brought under the GST during the current FY.

Besides, about 4000 fake registrants who were eroding the net tax revenue of the State by claiming/ passing fake credit were also weeded out through a special “post registration verification drive” conducted by State Tax Officials throughout the State from July to September 21.During the recent review with Tax Officials, Commissioner of CT & GST, Sushil Kumar Lohani, has instructed all the field officers to detect the wrong return filers by applying data analytics and collect all taxes from them as per the provisions of law.