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Freehold Sop For Urban Allottees

Bhubaneswar: The Government has taken a significant decision to grant freehold status to Land and houses allottees in the residential projects completed by the DAs and OSHB .More than a lakh allottees will be benefited.

The Development Authorities (DAs) and Odisha State Housing Board (OSHB) have allotted land and houses to more than one lakh households in the Residential Projects on leasehold basis. The allottees of these land and houses are required to obtain NOCs from the competent authorities every time they intend to transact such properties.

There are about 99 projects developed over Ac.2797.492 of land in the entire State and in the absence of any law for conversion of such properties to freehold status, the allottees are facing serious hardships for beneficial enjoyment of such properties. They have been consistently demanding such properties in to be granted freehold status

Even though there are provisions under the law, which allows conversion of leasehold land allotted by GA&PG Department to freehold status on payment of prescribed conversion fees, there is no such provision for conversion of land leased out by DAs and OSHB. In order to obviate the inconsistencies in the law and to fulfill the aspirations of the allottees, the Government has taken the following significant decisions:-

Ø Land and houses allotted in the residential projects completed by the DAs and OSHB shall be granted freehold status.

Ø Conversion fees amounting to ₹1107.81 Cr. Shall be waived out in favor of DAs and OSHB

Ø DAs and OSHB shall collect the prescribed conversion fees from the allottees and allow conversion of leasehold properties to freehold status.

Ø Necessary amendment in the extant laws shall be effected by R&DM Department to ensure implementation of the above decisions.

Ø Freehold land shall be provided to DAs and OSHB for development of all the future residential projects.

All these citizen-centric decisions of the Government will benefit more than one lakh households allotted with leasehold properties by DAs and OSHB.

Apart from that all the households intending to acquire the properties in the residential projects, to be developed by DAs and OSHB, in future will have the privilege of possessing and transacting such properties in a hassle-free manner without having to obtain permission from any one according to Housing & Urban Development sources.