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DoWR On Daya Care

Bhubaneswar: The Department of Water Resources (DoWR) has submitted two disaster mitigation project proposals to the office of Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) seeking Rs 45.02 crore under State Disaster Mitigation Fund (SDMF).

The DoWR has submitted the DPRs for the two projects to be executed in Puri and Jajpur districts.

The first proposal is for dredging of Luna river from Badagotha to Madhipur (17.50 km) for relieve of drainage congestion and free flow of flood water and the second one is Straightening of Kani drain in Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district in Brahmani-Baitarani under Drainage Improvement Programme.

The DoWR has sought Rs 35.85 crore for execution of the Puri project and Rs 9.16 crore for the Jajpur project under the SDMF.

As per the DPR, the Luna River originates from Kanti escape of Daya River and outfall in Daya River at confluence point of Daya, Bhargavi & Luna near Badagotha covering a length of 34.30 km.

There are numbers of secondary drains which outfall into Luna and ultimately outfall into Daya River. The above channel serves as the lifeline for the people of four blocks Pipili, Delanga, Kanas and Brahmagiri in Puri District. The total catchment area of the drainage channel is about 54,568 Hectares. No land acquisition is required for this proposal.

After completion of the project, about 15,000 peoples of 25 adjoining villages such as Madhipur, Rudhipur, Bijipur, Andalsingh, Jagannathpur, Naduapuir, Parimandipur,Nikhargobindapur, Manapur, Karamala etc. of Delanga, Kanas abd Brahmagiri Blocks in Puri District will be benefited from flood havoc, it said.

Approximately 1630 Ha of agricultural land will be retrieved from water logging as flood water can be discharged smoothly to Daya River.

After de-siltation of Luna River, the flooding problem of the locality will be mostly resolved and the socio-economic standard of the farmers of the command will be improved which will indirectly create enough opportunities for rural labourers, farmers and poor people of the locality.

Similarly, Kani drain originates from river Baitarani near village Bramhacharipatna and passes through the villages such as Kantapada, Narangachha, Nizampur, Kotapur, Duduranta, Garasiha, Iswarapur, Ardalua etc.

As there is no embankment on both sides of the Kani drain, flood occurs every year near village Kantapada to the end of the drain. There are no sharp curves in the drain near village Kantapada which could obstruct flood water during high flood in Baitarani basin.

Hence to avoid this difficulty, a straightening proposal is suggested in Kani River from Kantapada Bridge to Kuanarasahi Bridge, sources said.

For the project, land acquisition of approximately 19 acre of private land in the village Kantapada & Naranagachha is required.

After completion of the project, about 5000 people of villages such as Kantapada, Narangachha, Nizampur, Kotapur, Dudurahata, Garasiha, Iswarapur, Ardalua under Dasrathpur block will be benefited — Approximately 350 Hectares of land will be retrieved from water logging, they said.