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Covid Care Hospitals Return

Bhubaneswar: In view of the rapid surge of the Covid-19 cases in the state, both Government and Private Health Care Institutions have been advised to remain in readiness to accommodate the new cases and activate the earlier used Government and Private Covid facilities in a phased manner as and when required.

ACS Health & Family Welfare Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra has directed that the Government and Private Covid facilities which were functionalized during the 1st phase of Covid-19 pandemic shall be activated in a phase wise manner with an increment of 50 beds at a time when needed.

The Government stipulated that number of ICU shall be 20 Percent of general beds and availability of ventilators shall be at least 50 PC of all lCUs.

One Authorized Medical Officer (AMO) and one Authorised Person, OAS (AP) shall be appointed for Covid facility.

 For all technical issues, clarification and referral of patients the Additional DMET (Prof. (Dr.) Umakant Satapathy) shall be the State Level Authorized Officer.

 While referring the patients the principle of Cluster Districts and the SOP for Covid referral shall be followed as per SOP issued earlier.

 ln big facilities having more than 100 beds, shall preferably have facilities for surgery (all type), maternity care, NICU and dialysis.

All the Private Hospitals under Odisha Clinical Establishment Act having 30 beds or more must have at least 10PC of available beds (General bed & ICU) reserved for Covid patients.

They shall increase the facility up to 80 PC of available General beds and ICUs in a phase wise manner as per the rise in incidence of Covid patients.

 On activation of any Covid facility intimation shall be made to Government for obtaining post facto approval for the same.

 For Private Covid facilities negotiation shall be made with the earlier funding parties for reimbursement and an appropriate agreement (tripartite/bipartite) shall be signed indicating the date of functioning, number of beds, and approved rates, B. The rental charges and consumables cost for different beds like General bed/ ICU/ NICU/ Ventilators/ OT/ Labor table/ Dialysis etc. shall be as approved earlier. (Manpower proportionate to the bed occupancy shall be engaged in Government Covid facilities for management of patients, said the Order.