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Control Rooms For Labor Open

New Delhi: In view of the resurgence of COVID-19 and subsequent imposition of certain restrictions by state governments, the ministry of Labour and Employment has rejuvenated the 20 control rooms set up in April 2020 to mitigate the problems of migrant workers through co-ordination with various state governments” under the Office of Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) across the country. Lakhs of workers used this facility last year and got their grievances resolved.

The aggrieved workers can access these control rooms through email, mobile and Whatsapp. These control rooms are being managed by Labour Enforcement Officers, Assistant Labour Commissioners, Regional Labour Commissioners, and Deputy Chief Labour Commissioners of the respective regions. The functioning of all 20 call centers is being monitored and supervised by the Chief Labour Commissioner (C) at headquarters on daily basis and same also reviewed with concern regions during state visit by CLC(C) & other senior officers personally.

All the concerned officers/officials have been advised to adopt a humane approach to “assist the aggrieved workmen to the maximum possible extent and ensure delivery of timely relief to the needy ones.”

The, Chief Labour Commissioner (C) of country also said that though pandemic challenges are huge because workers are affected in various ways but also assured that with team of dedicated officers, they will try to mitigate problems of workers as much as possible.