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Coal On Just Transition Mode

New Delhi: Recognizing the need for a balanced approach towards sustainability, a brain storming will explore strategies and initiatives to ensure a smooth and equitable transition from fossil fuels especially coal-dependent economies to more sustainable energy sources without compromising energy security of the nation.

The Ministry of Coal will be organizing the seminar on the Just Transition Roadmap, in collaboration with Coal India Limited (CIL) under the G20 Presidency of India in Mumbai on 15 May 2023.

Union Coal Secretary  Amrit Lal Meena will chair and moderate the panel discussion and inaugural sessions.

During the seminar, a video highlighting Sustainable & Environment-Friendly Initiatives in Coal Sector will be showcased. The study report on Best Global Practices for Just Transition in Coal Sector and three booklets on Bio-reclamation/Plantation, Eco-parks/Mine Tourism, and G20 Special Edition of MineTech on Just Transition will also be released.

The seminar will provide the right platform for experts from India and abroad  to share their insights, experiences and best practices related to just transition. Participants will engage in interactive sessions and panel discussion.

The seminar will witness the presence of dignitaries including government officials, international experts, industry leaders and renowned academicians. The event will encourage robust discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among participants to foster a collective approach towards greener and more sustainable growth.

To be organized  at the Jio World Convention Centre,  the three day seminar will be held as  side event of the 3rd ETWG meeting of the G20 Presidency of India.

Ministry of Coal is one of the participating ministries in the ETWG deliberations of the G20. The first meeting of ETWG was held in Bengaluru in February, and the second  in Gandhinagar, Gujarat in April, 2023.

The deliberations on energy transition related issues will continue in the Third ETWG meeting in Mumbai from 15-17 May, 2023.

The Seminar on Just Transition Roadmap will have two sessions; i.e., inaugural session, which will be followed by panel discussion session.

The World Bank and Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI) will also deliver presentations on the Just Transition aspects during the seminar. The Seminar aims to facilitate an inclusive dialogue among key stakeholders.