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CM Opens Longest Bridge

Chief Minister has inaugurated T-Setu, State’s longest bridge constructed over Mahanadi in Cuttack district at a cost of Rs 111 crore.

The 3.4 km-long bridge, connecting Badamba Narasinghpur and Baideshwar in Cuttack district, has been built in the English alphabet ‘T’ shape.

The bridge will shorten the distance between Badamba and Banki Baideswhar by 45 km and connect Shinghanath temple, officials said. 

The High Level Bridge over River Mahanadi at Gopinathpur connecting to Singhanathpeetha and Baideswar in the district of Cuttack is the longest bridge in the state of Odisha.

The bridge is having 86 spans of 36.5 mtr each. Each span consists of 3 prestressed girders and RCC deck slab. The carriageway width is 7.5 mtr i.e. two lane with 1.5 meter raised pedestrian footpath on both sides.

Moreover there is a 240 mtr length and 4.00 mtr carriageway width ramp bridge connecting the main bridge at 1350 mtr from Gopinathpur side and 1790 mtr from Baideswar side to the ASI protected famous Singhanathpeetha Siva Temple Island on the upstream side of the bridge situated inside the Mahanadi river.

Thus the longest bridge in Odisha on the biggest river of Mahanadi is a “Unique Infrastructure” both from communication as well as religious and tourism point of view. On completion the bridge will serve the district of Cuttack as well as Odisha at large and reduce the distance from Badamba on left side of Mahanadi to Banki on right side by 45 kms.

At present the approach road on the Gopinatpur side(left side) is 240 mtr and on Baideswar side(Right side) is 407 mtr connecting to Badamba and Banki with curvilinear and congested village roads .

This important bridge with long straight approach road upto the Banki Baideswar Kalapathar (ODR) road with approximately 800 mtr on Banki side and 4.00 km straight road on Badamba side to connect with   Raja Athagada  Narasinghpur Road (SH-65).

It is also proposed to provide tourist amenity centres on both side of the bridge to facilitate to the devotees who are visiting the Singhanathpeetha throughout the year