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CES On Plastic Free Drive

Bhubaneswar: With multipronged approach Action Plans are being implemented in the Eco-Clubs across the State, which has resulted in more than 1000 Eco Clubs have made the School Campus Plastic Free.

More and more schools are adopting such environment-friendly approach, thanks to massive awareness campaign by Centre for Environmental Studies (CES), the State Nodal Agency for implementing Eco-club Program of the State of Odisha.

CES Director, Rajiv Kumar in consultation with the stakeholders has chalked out 3 Action Plans for the Eco-Clubs in the state for 2022-23.

There are 14,250 Eco-clubs functioning covering 30 districts of the State. These Eco-clubs are mainly involved in carrying out both awareness and action-based activities for protection of the environment throughout the year.

Mr.Kumar, an environment friendly and nature lover IFS officer has been the guiding force behind CES, which is assisting the Eco-club Teachers and Students of State to support the State Government in various environmental activities.

Such activities like Energy Conservation and use of maximum renewable energy resources; promotion of large-scale plantations & its maintenance and protection & conservation of forests and environment.

While single use plastic is a big threat to the world today, CES is conducting massive awareness campaign across the State, which has resulted in a positive way leading to awareness on ill effects of Single Use Plastic.

Exponential rise of plastic use poses a serious threat to the already degrading environment and is a matter of grave concern. Also, during these pandemic situations practicing hygiene has become the buzz word to ward off COVID and other infections among children.

After much deliberations with the stake holders, three action plans have been prepared for the Eco- clubs for the year 2022-23 i.e. (i) Making a Plastic Free School Campus, (ii) Mass Plantation and its maintenance and (iii) Hygienic practices and Visit to a sewage Treatment plant.

Considering the growing plastic usage and the associated environmental challenges, plastic waste management is now very critical at this juncture.

Keeping this in mind the Action plan addresses common dilemmas regarding plastic usage and making the school and environment plastic free.

All Eco-clubs are assigned for creating awareness on stopping single use plastic use in their campus, nearby villages and among people.

The plantation action plan is a stepping stone towards a greener planet. Greening is one of the major actions for abatement of environmental pollution and emphasis has been laid on large-scale greening and plantation where Divisional Forest Officers and field staffs have been involved in provisioning of seedlings and technical support.

Sanitation and sewerage treatment in particular are given low priority with subsequent outbreak of epidemics resulting in high mortality rate in the country.

Accordingly action plan tries to create awareness among the students and encourages periodic field visits to nearby sewerage processing units to enhance practical knowledge.

A short film has been made inclusive of all the aforesaid action plans to ignite young minds through a visual treat. The short film, touches every environmental issue, gives a message and acts as a guiding light for the masses.