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Central Grants Slows Down

Bhubaneswar: Reduced flow of central grants has become a cause of concern for the State Government.

While the State Government is expecting a positive growth in grants from the Centre, it is going down every year, say officials.

By January 31 in 2021, Odisha received Rs.17,632.10 crore grants from the Centre. But it came down to Rs.13,277.64 crore in January 2022 while Odisha received Rs.11,110.45 crore as on January 31, 2023.

According to the Budget Estimate for 2022-23 financial Year, Odisha has estimated to receive Rs.32,788.64 crore from the Central kitty. However by January 31, 2023, the State has received only 33.89 per cent of the Budget Estimate.

Hardly one and half month is left of this Fiscal, the officials added.

However, the release of share tax from the Centre is better.

As on January 31 Odisha has received 81.77 per cent of its Budget Estimate on Share tax, the officials said.

While the budget estimate for share tax for fiscal 2022-23 was Rs.36,977.88 crore, the State has received Rs.30,236.62 crore as on January 31 marking a growth of 22.44 per cent.

In 2021-22, the share tax from the Centre was to an extent of Rs.38,144.79 crore.

But, the State Government has received more funds on this account than last year by 31 January 2022, which was Rs.24,695.46 crore and by January 31, 2021 it was Rs.18,926.78 crore.

Total Central Transfer for 2022-23 was estimated at Rs.69,766.52 crore and by January 31, the State Government had received Rs.41,347.07 crore, officials said.

Earlier the State Government was depending more on Grants and Share tax from Centre. However, now the scenario is changed with more generation of Own Tax Revenue and Non Tax Revenue by the State government.

Out of a total revenue receipts as per Budget Estimate for 2022-23 was Rs.1,63,966.52 crore, out of which Central Transfer is only Rs.69,766.52 Crore. Rest is from State’s Own Tax and Non Tax Revenue sources, for which the State Government is able to go for bigger budgets, officials say.

The State Government’s annual budget for 2022-23 was Rs.2 lakh crore, it is likely to go up to nearly Rs.2.30 lakh crore.