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Cabinet Clears i3MS Extension

Bhubaneswar: Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra said the State Cabinet cleared the Integrated Mines and Minerals Monitoring System (i3MS) extension for another 5 years.

i3MS is under implementation for a decade (2012-22) has ushered a new era of transparency in mineral administration in Odisha.

This end-to-end online monitoring system has strengthened the government’s regulatory oversight by enabling real-time visibility on the pit-to-port mineral value chain.

Besides eradicating illegal mining and combating unauthorised ore transportation, i3MS has led to buoyant revenue collections in mining.

In the backdrop of the scheme’s efficacy and outcomes, it is decided to extend the  implementation tenure of I3MS for five more years (2022-27) with an expenditure of Rs 326.79 crore.

The activities planned in the next phase of i3MS are procurement of new hardware like computers, accessories, Consumables & Furniture automated weighbridge system (Koira, Keonjhar & Jajpur Road), drone technology under i3MS, integration framework, and security enhancement/any other new technology and Integrated Command Control Centre.

Notably, the State Government has unveiled a 5-year roadmap titled ‘Business Continuity Model & Strategic Plan for Implementation of Information technology’ (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2017).

Following the completion of the first five years the second five year plan was prepared and duly approved by the Expenditure Finance Committee. Then, the Steel & Mines department proposed the continuation of the scheme for another five years.

Over the years, i3MS has evolved as a self-sustaining model with the introduction of a user fee of one rupee per ton of ore dispatched. During the last five-year tenure, the system generated user fees worth Rs 255.2 crore, the Chief Secretary said.

It is estimated that i3MS will mop up Rs 330 crore user fees during the next five years.

The extension plan envisages the continuation of existing (PMU) and i3MS Contract for AMC, OSU, Enhancement, Change Request, deployment of Project Assistants in PIU and Help desk.

He said the system will ensure effective monitoring of mining operations in the state and to bring transparency in the mineral administration, a robust on-line system named Integrated Mines and Minerals Management System (13MS) has been implemented by the Steel & Mines Department.

 This will also enable the Government to monitor and regulate the end-to-end mineral transaction i.e. from extraction to consumption at the end-use plants on a real time basis, he added.