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1.2K Cr For Water Projects

Bhubaneswar: State Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday approved three rural taped drinking water supply projects worth more than Rs 1200 crore for three districts.

The State Cabinet has approved the tender amounting to Rs. 501.85 crore for execution of mega piped water supply project to provide safe drinking water in Dhenkanal district out of Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) funding. By execution of the project, around 3,22,204 people of 271 villages under 71 GPs of four Blocks of the district will be benefited, said Chief Secretary SC Mahapatra.

Similarly, the lowest tender of Rs. 416.57 crore has been approved by the Cabinet for execution of another drinking water project in Kendrapada district out of JJM funding. By execution of the project, around 4,35,190 people of 522 villages under 76 GPs of three Blocks (Pattamundai, Rajnagar & Garadpur) of the district will be benefited, he said.

The State Cabinet has approved the lowest tender amounting to Rs.291.62 crore for execution of another drinking water supply project in Balasore district. By execution of the projects, 2,62,093 people of 301 villages under 41 GPs of three blocks (Balasore, Remuna & Khaira) of the district will be provided with safe drinking water. The work is targeted for completion within a period of 24 months in all the three projects.

The Government has approved Rs 270 crore for implementation of roof top rain water harvesting system under a scheme titled “Community Harnessing and Harvesting rainwater Artificially from Terrace to Aquifer (CHHATA) for a period of five years.

The scheme will be implemented in 29500 private buildings and 1925 government buildings covering water stressed 52 blocks and 27 urban local bodies (ULBs) of the state for a period of five financial years from 2022-23 to 2026-27 with a budget outlay of Rs 270 crore.

There is a subsidy provision of Rs 55000 or 50% of the cost of the RRHS, whichever is less in this scheme to encourage the public to adopt the scheme in their buildings.

The Directorate of Ground Water Development under the Department of Water Resources will be executing the scheme, he informed.

 The State Government has also planned for raising and strengthening of 36 saline embankments measuring total length of 198.81 km to cyclone resilient standard to sustain the impact of very severe cyclone with speeds upto 250 km/hour and to protect the adjacent landmass and habitation from floods, saline ingress and tidal surge of Bay of Bengal in four cyclone prone coastal districts–Balasore, Bhadrak, Kendrapara and Puri.

The Cabinet today approved the scheme “Cyclone Resilient Saline Embankment Projects” to be executed during the period from FY:2022-23 to 2024-25 with an outlay of Rs 763.48 Crore.

Upon completion of the projects, about 21,690 Ha of agricultural land will be protected from flood and saline ingress and 2,92,500 people in 136 no of villages in the above districts will be benefitted, he added.

The Cabinet has also approved a tender for underground pipeline (UGPL) system for speedy completion of the Lower Suktel Irrigation Project of Balangir district.

The Cabinet further approved the tender of Rs 998 crore (without GST) and operational cost for five years amounting to Rs.8.92 crore for the project. The work is planned to be completed in thirty months.

This project will provide irrigation facility to 27000 Ha of culturable command area in Balangir district along with 17.89 mcm of drinking water to the people of Balangir town.  The project on completion will improve socio-economic condition status of the people of the localities.

Moreover, a tender of Rs 309 crore has been approved by the government for construction of Barrage-cum-Bridge across river Koel near village Hamirpur in Sundargarh district. The work is planned to be completed in thirty months.

This project will help in ground water recharge and will prevent drying of wells and borewells in the locality during non-monsoon period. It will also fulfil the drinking and domestic requirement of 5 lakh population of Shaktinagar, Koelnagar, Jhirpani, Jagada and Rourkela steel township and 3.5 lakh population of Bisra, Nuagaon & Kuarmunda block of Sundargarh district, said Mahapatra.