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Bless Abanti; BJD Boss

Bhubaneswar: Making an appeal to the voters of the Dhamnagar Assembly constituency, where by-election is scheduled for November 3, BJD Supremo requested to bless Abanti Das, Party candidate by casting their votes on the ‘Conch’ sign for development and growth.

Chief Minister said that “I am responsible for the development of your region. I am responsible for the development of Dhamnagar constituency,” he said campaigning for party’s candidate in the constituency virtually at as many as 13 places.

Mr.Patnaik said that Odisha has gained a reputation across the country in the field of development. “I myself will see how the development of Dhamnagar will progress. I am responsible for the development of Dhamnagar constituency,” he told voters.“Only 18 months are left for the general election and in this time we can do five years’ work,” he promised to the people.

BJD Supremo said, “As you know, Biju Janata Dal is always with you in happiness and sadness. It has been working for you and for the welfare of all the people.”

Mr.Patnaik said that Dhamnagar is a land of peace and harmony and of brotherhood. “This is the biggest identity of Dhamnagar. We are all working to protect this identity,” he said.

CM said he was happy that the benefits of Kalia Jojana, Mission Shakti and Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana have reached the eligible people in the constituency.

“Women are now empowered. Mission Shakti is their new identity. The good work of Women SHGs has made me very happy. So I want to see a ‘Maa’ as your MLA. You want too. Women are able to perform all the responsibilities beautifully,” he said.

“With your help, Odisha is now famous all over the country in the field of development. I fully believe that this trend will continue further with your support,” he said.

“The views you had in the 2019 elections have changed in 2022 Panchayat and Municipal elections. You believed the ‘Conch’ sign in the last panchayat and urban local bodies’ elections. I am indebted to you for the huge support and opportunity you have given to the ‘Conch’ sign,” the Chief Minister said.

Complementing the voters of the constituency for having given a chance to the Biju Janata Dal in all the 6 Zilla Parishad seats of Dhamnagar, he said, “Similarly, you have chosen nine of the 11 ward members in Dhamnagar NAC and given the chairmanship and vice-chairmanship of the NAC.”

“I fully believe that this trend will continue in this election too and the development of Dhamnagar will go further. Now the general election is only 18 months away. In this time we can do five years of work. I will see for myself. The development of Dhamnagar will continue further,” he asserted.

Election meetings were organized at 13 places of the constituency, which witnessed massive gatherings. Thousands of people of all sections anxiously waited to hear the speeches of the Chief Minister,

The entire area resonated with dance, song, music and slogans as the Chief Minister addressed the crowd through virtual media at around 5.30pm. Ministers and Lawmakers are camping in the Gram Panchayats and campaigning for the BJD Candidates.