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Awareness On AIDS

Vedanta, the largest aluminium producer in the country, organized an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Jharsuguda’s rural margins, reaching out to more than 2000 people in the process.

In collaboration with Odisha State AIDS Control Society (OSACS), Vedanta conducted the campaign at Katikela, Bhurkamunda, Bhagipali, Brundamal, Kurebaga, Kelendamal, Orampada, Maa Samaleshwari Nagar, Banjari, Chithuapada, Badmal and Sunarimunda villages.

Conducted under project ‘Jagruti’, Vedanta’s initiative for propagating HIV/AIDS awareness, members of the company’s Mobile Health Unit (MHU) team sensitized the masses on the various facets of HIV/AIDS, including prevention of the diseases and the need to address the associated stigma and discrimination of the affected.

Speaking about the company’s social outreach initiatives, CN Singh, CEO – Vedanta Ltd., Jharsuguda said, “As India’s largest aluminium producer, Vedanta is as committed to its social responsibilities as it is to India’s self-reliance in all things aluminium.

We fulfil our social duties through structured developmental projects attuned to the needs of the community. In our mission to become Odisha’s partner in progress, we have partnered with likeminded organizations and govt. bodies to amplify your efforts and transform lives and livelihoods in the region. Incidentally, we are the first corporate in India to roll out an Employer-Led Model (ELM) for HIV/AIDS awareness, which eventually evolved into projectJagruti.”

Prashant Patra, Team Leader – Technical Support Unit, OSACS said, “I am thankful to the Vedanta management for partnering with OSACS and NACO for implementing HIV/AIDS awareness programs for their industrial workforce as well as community members. We appreciate the support of Vedanta’s CSR team in the effective implementation of the HIV/AIDS program as an Employer-Led Model.”

Under the banner of Jagruti, Vedanta has carried out several campaigns and interventions for its mobile workforce, logistics partners like truckers, community members from around and far beyond the plant’s periphery, college students, etc.
Vedanta’s social interventions in the domains of sustainable livelihood, women empowerment, quality education, health, water and sanitation, bio-investment and community infrastructure reaches out to over 70 villages in Jharsuguda and nearby areas, benefiting around 76,000 people in a year.

It empowers more than 4000 women from 330 SHGs, provides doorstep healthcare services to about 32,000 people annually, gives educational support to more than 5000 students, has planted more than 1.43 lakh trees in partnership with the community, and built 568 plus infrastructural projects at community level.