Home Health Alert On COVID II


Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has stressed strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines in State to avoid the possibility of recurrence of second phase of infection.”

In order to avoid the second phase of the infection, we need to strictly adhere to the rules of COVID-19 guidelines, such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and washing our hands,” he said while reviewing management of the pandemic in State.

The Chief Minister said adherence to the guidelines will help avoid a difficult situation like Lockdown.

Secretary to CM V K Pandian coordinated the program.
Mr.Patnaik said that in Europe and other Western countries, the second phase is now underway after the first stage of covid infection.

“As the second phase of infection in Odisha is expected in the second week of December, we need to be vigilant now,” he warned.

The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction over the low incidence of corona infections in the State and rising recovery rate.

“We need to be more vigilant, citing the situation in Kerala after the Onam festival and the current situation in Delhi,” he said.

The Chief Minister thanked everyone for observing the festival with public order and restraint in compliance with the Covid rules during the last puja.

With Diwali approaching, the Chief Minister urged the people to celebrate the festival by maintaining similar discipline and restraint.

The Chief Minister also directed Covid Observers to visit the district to monitor the Diwali celebrations and the district magistrate and SPs to strictly enforce the guidelines.

He said people with COVID appear to have some serious health problems later on when they recover and emphasized the need for the health department to monitor the situation, develop appropriate protocols and train doctors and health workers.

In addition, the Chief Minister suggested more vigilant about post-health care.
The Chief Minister advised the concerned departments to continue to focus on livelihood programs in order to ensure that our poor people are not particularly affected during the Pandemic.

Chief Minister also advised various departments to ensure that the financial security of the poor is not disrupted as well as the continuation of programs like MGNREGA, Mission Shakti and Urban Wage Employment.

During the last SLBC meeting, the Chief Minister’s had advised the banks to provide timely loans to farmers, MSMEs and Mission Shakti self help groups and asked the concerned departments to pay special attention to it.
Speaking at the meeting, Chief Secretary Asit Tripathy said that the state has now reduced the incidence of cough and the hospitals have sufficient ICUs and beds.

A taskforce has been set up by the Chief Minister to prepare a Standard Protocol for further cough treatment.
Mr.Tripathy informed that the work of cold chain and database is underway for mass vaccination.

Speaking on the management of Covid, Additional Chief Secretary Health & Family Welfare, Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra said that while there are 83,000 tests per 10 lakh across the country, there are 1.2 thousand tests in the state.
At the national level, the cure rate is 42 per cent, while in our state it is 45.32 per cent.
The death toll has dropped to 0.7 per cent, he said.

Mr.Mohapatra said that a steering committee chaired by the Chief Secretary has been set up to streamline the vaccination program in the state, while the Additional Chief Secretary, a state-level Taskforce chaired by the Department of Health and a District Taskforce chaired by the district commissioners have been set up.

As many as 3,852 government and private institutions have been identified for vaccination and more than 300,000 workers will be employed.

The Sero Survey in Bhubaneswar has come to an end, while the Sero Survey of the High-risk Group has come to an end in the last three days.

The Sero Survey is currently underway in Cuttack, while Puri, Sambalpur and Baleshwar are scheduled for December.

The meeting was attended by Development Commissioner, Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, Additional Chief Secretary Disaster Management, Pradeep Jena.