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Action Plan For Disasters

Bhubaneswar:Following the instruction of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the Works Department has prepared a detailed action plan to deal with heavy rain, flood and cyclone during the current monsoon season.

Starting from the EIC office to divisional office, an emergency cell has been formed equipped with telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp groups to collect data from the location of damage and to pass on the information to the Government for necessary action.

Field officials are advised to remain on duty at the headquarter and remain vigilant to the hazard prone areas.

Machineries and materials required for pre/post flood, cyclone and earthquake activities are available with various agencies/ contractor who have been shortlisted; their contact numbers are available with the field units for hiring of these items in case of emergency requirement such as earth movers, excavators, dewatering pumps, generators, power saw, ladder, rope, flood lights, shovels, hammers etc., an official said.

Field personnel have been advised to keep the up-to-date information of approach and other roads of all villages/ areas vulnerable to hazards. The field officials have been instructed to be prepared with Quick Response Teams (QRTs) with one QRT at every section level under the Sectional officer with machineries, equipment, materials and manpower from existing contactors, informed the official.

As per the action plan, after getting information of any impending natural calamity , the SEs/EEs of the organization will form more QRTs as required and move machineries like JCBs, tractors, tree cutters along with operators, labourers, kerosene, lantern, match-box, by-cycles, rain-coats, dry food-provisions for at least three days to the nearest IBs/rest-sheds or any suitable place like school/public premises with concerned AEs After the disaster the following steps are to be undertaken immediately within 24 hours.

First the operating group will cut the branches of trees blocking the road traffic through tree cutter, JCB & local mulias. By using sand filled gunny bags, bamboo bullahs, moorum & boulders (previously collected) the breaches in roads will be repaired and traffic is to be restored as quickly as possible, it said.

In case of heavy breaches near old bridges, Hume pipes are to be laid which will be covered with sand bags/ moorum and traffic will be restored.

Similarly, in case of land slide, by creating a temporary toe wall to proper slope in the hilly side to prevent further sliding. By using local forest materials such as uprooted trees, bullahs, boulders to create barricades on the hilly side for smooth movement of vehicles.

Moreover, no traffic will be allowed on submerged roads. Barricading to be done and warning signage to be placed.

Minimum 3 meters width of road will be cleared within 24 hours for relief & rescue operations All restoration works shall be done with close co-ordination with District Administration, ODRAF, NDRF & other Engineering Departments, it stated. Report on damages & restoration done will be submitted daily as per SRC format.