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64K KM Long Rural Roads

Bhubaneswar: Rural Development Minister Pritiranjan Ghadai said on Friday that as many as 16323 roads of 64671.60 km length and 516 long span bridges have been constructed across the State between 2000-2001 fiscal and March 2022 at a cost of Rs.28642.25crore.

Replying to a debate on Department of Rural Development Budget proposals in the State Legislative Assembly, Mr.Ghadai said, as a result 16905 unconnected habitations have been connected with all-weather roads and better road network has been provided to the facilities available in the Rural areas of the State.

During the last five years –from 2017-18 to 2021-22 a total 24893.50 km roads and 317 bridges have been constructed by utilising Rs.11696 crore thereby providing all- weather connectivity to 4182 habitations.

During 2017-18, the State has provided connectivity to 1778 habitations by constructing 7141 km road against the target of 7000 Kms and the State achieved first position in terms of completion of length of roads.

Besides, the State has been awarded with 2nd prize in terms of coverage of habitation by providing connectivity to 1778 habitations and also 2nd prize in terms of use of Green Technology by completing 855 Kms. of road.

Based on the performance of the State for implementation of the PMGSY scheme, the Union Government has given Rs.109 cr. as an incentive to the State towards maintenance of PMGSY roads.

The Minister said that in the financial year 2018-19, the state has provided connectivity to 1675 habitations by constructing 8130 Km. all-weather road and achieved the first position in terms of completion of highest length of road in the Nation, 1st position in completion of maximum road length in using green and environment friendly technology in construction of road work for a length of 2785 Km. and 2nd position in investment in asset management.

Basing on the performance of the State for implementation of PMGSY scheme, the Union Government has given Rs.75.83 crore as incentive to the State, he added.

During the year 2019-20 the state has completed 5173 kms and 76 bridges by utilising an amount of Rs.2369 crore under PMGSY-I & PMGSY-II. In the year 2020-21, the State entered into the arena of PMGSY-III and has already got sanction for up-gradation of 9400.13 km roads and 92 bridges.

During 2020-21, the state has completed 1776.78 km and 104 bridges by utilising an amount of Rs.1681.13 crore under PMGSY-I, II and PMGSY-III.

During the year 2021-22, the state has completed 2725.49 km. roads and 85 bridges by utilising an amount of Rs.1739.56 crore under PMGSY-I, II & III.

During the year 2022-23, the state has programmed to complete a length of 2000 Km roads and 60 bridges under PMGSY which includes 150 Km. length of road and 31 bridges under PMGSY-I & II and 1850 km. road and 29 bridges under PMGSY-III, he said.

 There is a budget provision of Rs.1450 crore for the year 2022-23.

He said the State Government has also launched the “Biju Setu Yojana (BSY) during 2011-12 for construction of bridges in all Rural Development Department roads & important Police Station roads to provide an effective and all-weather connectivity to the rural areas of all 30 Districts of the State.

Since inception of the scheme up to 2020-21 a total 1332 bridges have been taken up with project cost of Rs.6130.51 crore, out of which 1139 bridges have been completed up to March-2022.

During 2021-22, 550 bridges have been approved with a project cost of Rs.2800 crore, out of which 458 have been taken up.

At present 379 bridges are in the ongoing stage and 242 are under pre-construction activity stage.

It has been targeted to complete at least 300 bridges during 2022-23 and a budget provision of Rs1788.02 crore has been made for the year 2022-23.