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16.76% GST Growth

Bhubaneswar: The State has recorded 16.76% growth in progressive GST collection upto October of current financial year 2022-23 in compare to the same period of previous financial year.

The progressive collection of Gross GST till October ’22 is Rs. 27901.38 crore against Rs. 23897.20 crore, Finance Department sources said.

Odisha has recorded Gross GST collection of Rs. 3769.44 Cr. during October ’22 against Rs. 3593.34 Cr during October ’21, registering a minimal growth of 5 %.  

Similarly, the progressive collection of OGST till October ’22 is Rs. 8264.59 crore against Rs. 6819.91 crore with a growth rate of 21.18%, the sources said.

The progressive growth rates in case of CGST, IGST & Cess upto the month of October ’21 against corresponding period of last year are 18.91%, 8.13% and 21.10%, respectively.

The collection of GST revenue to be retained by the State i.e. OGST+IGST Settlement during the month of October ’22 is recorded at Rs. 1934.70 crore which is 41.10% higher than the corresponding collection of 1371.09 crore recorded during October ’21.

The progressive collection of GST revenue to be retained by the State till October ’22 is Rs. 10,444.58 crore as against Rs. 9052.61 crore till October ’21 with a growth rate of 15.38%.

The total collection of VAT (Petrol & Liquor) stood at Rs. 877.38 crore during last month as against Rs.726.74 crore during Oct ’21 with growth rate of 20.73%, they said.

Out of the above, the collection from petroleum products and liquor has recorded growth of 17.94% and 30.41% respectively during the last month as against collection during the corresponding period of last year.

In October this year, 16.65 lakh of waybills were generated vis-à-vis 15.15 lakh of waybills generated during October ’21 recording a growth of 9.90%.

During the current financial year (upto October), 28,234 new taxpayers have been brought under GST fold.