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Vote Percentage On Rise

Bhubaneswar: With the overall voter turnout in first three phases of elections to Lok Sabha and state Assembly shows rise trend of polling percentage, fourth phase polling is likely to show more hike in voting numbers, feel political observers..  

The overall polling percentage in Odisha during the 2019 elections was 72.99. This percentage has been increased to around 74 percent in the first three phases of voting held so far in the State.

As per official data, the first phase of polling reported an overall 75.68 per cent while it was 73.5 in the second phase. In the third phase, Odisha recorded an overall 74.44 per cent voter turnout (minus postal ballot).

In Bhubaneswar, the polling percentage in the 2019 elections was 59.05 and this time it rose to 64.49 per cent. Similarly, the voting percentage in Bargarh has been enhanced from 77.87 percent to 79.78 percent, Sundargarh—from 71.67% to 73.02%, Sambalpur registered the highest voter turnout at 79.50 per cent from 76.35 percent, Keonjhar—rose to 78.97 per cent from 77.37 percent, Dhenkanal at 78.01 per cent from 74.89 percent, Cuttack at 71.20 per cent from 69.61 percent, Puri at 75.43 per cent from 72.51 percent.

The voting percentage in Berhampur LS segment has remained almost similar while it went down in Aska MP segment. The voting percentage in Aska decreased to 62.67 % from 65.64 % recorded in 2019 polls.

With an increased polling percentage, political analysts have sensed a likely power shift this time. Political analysts feel that this increase in voting percentage may help the opposition as it shows a negative wave against the incumbent government. However, some others see that the polling percentage has been increased due to the effort of the Election Commission and voting sense prevailed among many people especially in urban pockets.    

Meanwhile, both BJD and BJP have claimed that they are going to form a government in the State.

Senior BJD leader and 5T Chairman V K Pandian has claimed that the BJD has got the majority to form government in the state in the three phases of election.

“We would humbly say that with the closure of three phases of polls in Odisha, as our Chief Minister has stated, BJD is getting a majority with these three phases alone. With the Lord and the people’s blessings, BJD will form a stable government,”  Shri Pandian said.

The record increase in voting percentage especially in Bhubaneswar shows that the CM’s plan for the middle class, his appeal for the middle class to come out and vote and also the Youth Budget, which the CM has conceded for the youth of Odisha has touched the youth, he said.

“BJD is sweeping the elections, we will be having a strike rate of 85% in these three phases,” he claimed.

On the other hand, senior BJP leader and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said, “We have nearly formed the government in Odisha, and we have already won more than 16 seats in Lok Sabha elections in the State.”  

, “As per my prediction, we have got almost a majority in the first three phases of assembly election in Odisha. Only very few seats are left to form a government and that will be filled up on June 1,” he claimed.