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Upcoming 8789 MW Power

Minister Energy Divya Shankar Mishra said upcoming Power Projects in Odisha will have installed capacity of 8789 Mega Watt.

In a written reply to Debi Prasad Mishra in the State Legislative Assembly, Minister Mr.Mishra said that several Power projects are upcoming in the state.

Minister said majority Thermal Power Projects are coming up so also Solar and Non Solar Projects are upcoming in the state.

List of Upcoming Projects include 07 Thermal Power Projects and 03 Solar and 04 Non Solar Projects.

While such a large number of projects are coming up Odisha share will vary between 2116/2087 MW.

Minister has said that GRIDCO during 2019-20 has purchased 21,552 Million Units of Power.

GRIDCO has purchased 4320 Mega Watt (MW) of Thermal Power, 2083 MW of Hydro Power, 362 MW of solar Power, 81 MW from Micro Hydro Power Generation Units and 20 MW of Biomass Power.

Minister said that in order to meet the requirement of the State, GRIDCO has signed a number of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with several Power producers.

Out of the existing various sources, both State, Central Sectors of power in the state, Odisha share is 6865 MW.

According to sources GRIDCO has purchased 21,552 Million Units of Power during 2019-20.

Minister said that power procurement form New and Renewable Energy Sources have been planned.

Export to GRIDCO during 2019-20 was 694.8 Million Units(MU) from New and Renewable Energy Sources.

At least 299.65 MU was exported to GRIDCO from Small and Mini Hydro Power Projects.

From Solar Sector, 328.6 MU has been exported to GRIDCO.

Out of which 238.88 MU was exported to GRIDCO through Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), Minister said.

Bio Mass Power Plant has exported 66.6 MU Power to GRIDCO, which belongs to New and Renewable Energy Sector.