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Trinity Recover From Fever

Puri: After 12-day long rigorous herbal treatment during Anasara rituals, Lord Jagannath and siblings along with Sudarshan recovered completely from illness here at Srimandir.

The final phase of secret rituals of deities during their stay at Anasara Ghar (sick chamber) ended yesterday. They were offered dasamula (herbal medicine) for a speedy recovery from illness and weakness developed due to fever following divine bath on Snana Purnima.

Daitapati servitors take out a procession and enter Raja Prasad (royal palace) here and convey the good news to Gajapati Maharaj about the recovery of the deities.

As part of the Raja Prasad Bije rituals, medicines like Karala, Srichandan and silk garments were presented to Maharaj on a silver plate after being informed of the Lord’s recovery.

“The preparation for Nabajauban Besha of Lord Jagannath will begin tonight. This is also a secret ritual of the deities at Srimandir,” said a servitor.

Lord Jagannath and His siblings had fallen sick a day after having a lavish bath using 108 pitchers of water. Now, the deities recovered from illness completely and are ready to give darshan to lakhs of devotees in fresh look on Nabajauban Darshan at Natamandap and Netrautsav scheduled on June 29.

Meanwhile, chariot construction works have reached the last stage. ‘Duarabedhas’ have been fixed to chariots.

With the fast recovery of Lords from fever, the processing for the world famous Ratha Jatra of Lord Jagannath has begun in Puri.

The devotees can have glimpse of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Sudarshan on chariot on Ratha Jatra as well as inside Gundicha temple during 9-day-long Ratha Jatra, which is also called Ghosha Jatra, commencing from July 2.