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Trinity Feeling Better

Puri: The health condition of Lord Jagannath and his siblings has improved after conducting the Chaka Bije Niti on Sunday.

They had fallen ill after Snana Purnima on 24 June, a ritual bath with 108 pitchers of herbal and aromatic water, a prelude to the nine-day Rath Jatra, and now on the Anasara Ghar.

Phuluri Tela was administered to the Trinities yesterday by which they were feeling better.

Raj Vaidyas will provide herbal medicines to the Shree Jagannath Temple, which will be administered to the sibling deities.

On the occasion of Dashami, Chakata and Pana Bhoga have been offered to the deities after the Chaka Bije Niti.

After the Chaka Bije Niti, the Dasamula will be administered to deities on Ekadasi Tithi tomorrow. 

The medicine is prepared from Talapurni, Gambhari, Balla, Panapana, Gokhara, Ghee, Khua and Honey.

On Dwadasi Tithi, Raja Prasad Bije Niti will be held. After this ritual, the deities will be completely cured and servitors will give this news to the Gajapati Maharaj. Once the deities have recovered, they will moved to the temple for “Nabajouban Darshan”.

On Treyadashi, Ghanalagi ritual is held. Ghana, which is made of ropes, is tied to the deities during this ritual, which takes over 10 to 12 hours. Rath Jatra is slated for 12 July.

Meanwhile, the construction of chariot work is almost completed and now decorative and painting work is going on full swing.  

The Hatiala Maala has been fitted from the Bada Thala Potala or the first layer of the top of the chariot to Chandrashaali the head of the Dwara Bedha. These Hatiala Maala helps in giving a dome-like shape to the chariots.

Three Mandani Bata on each top corner portion from Badathala Potala or first layer of the Potala to the Chandrashali, have been fixed for the three chariots.

These fixtures help in giving the dome shape of the chariot and are fixed from the Hathiaala Maala. The tailor of Shree Jagannath temple has stitched decorative laces on the Ratha Bata clothes and the stitching of Dwara Bedha clothes.