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Team To Nab Killer

Bargarh:A day after the brutal murder of a person near a polling booth during voting in Bargarh district, Sambalpur RDC Srikant Prusty rushed to the spot and held a meeting with senior police officials and reviewed the status of investigation.

The RDC held the meeting at the Sadar Police station where the Additional Superintendent of Police and other officials were also present.

RDC Northern Division Shri Prusty has directed a special police team to nab the prime accused.

Raids are being conducted in different places as Inspector General of Police, Sambalpur, Himanshu Lal and Bargarh SP Prahalad Sahai Meena are themselves monitoring the developments in the case.

Meanwhile, the Police have detained eight youths in connection with the murder of the auto-rickshaw driver transporting voters to a polling booth in Bargarh while the prime accused is on the run.

According to police, auto driver Biswanath Mirdha was killed with a sharp weapon on Monday when he was on his way to Sarsara polling booth.

While he was carrying the voters to the polling booth, he saw one of his colleague, an auto driver is being hackled by goons.

He tried to mediate and in the process Shri Mirdha earned wrath of a hooligan and his mates under influence of liquor.

Under the influence of liquor the hooligan stabbed a knife, which led death of Mirdha, an innocent person, who was trying to help another auto driver.

The accused were under influence of alcohol and the murder was occurred due to their personal tussle.

However, questions are raised on distribution of alcohol during the dry day.

It seems that enforcement was lacking on the part of the Excise Officials, for which liquor was available on polling date, cops investigating the matter admit.

On the other hand, a political slugfest has started over the incident as the BJP MP candidate Pradeep Purohit raised fingers towards ruling BJD.

He alleged that some BJD goons have killed the auto driver, who is a BJP worker.

However, BJD leader Susant Mohapatra rejected the allegation and said the BJP is making such allegations as they fear defeat in the poll.