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Team For SDG Achievement

Bhubaneswar: A dedicated PMU with learned and experienced consultants has been set up in Planning and Convergence department under the guidance of Development Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Jena for attainment and localization of the globally decided sustainable development goals (SDGs) that has been brought to focus by the State Government.

The PMU held a consultative workshop with all departments in the conference hall of Lok Seva Bhawan for chalking out a collaborative initiative for realization of the SDGs.

Addressing the Workshop, Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra said, “The State Government is strongly committed to mainstream the Sustainable Development Goals- 2030; and, many efforts to that end have been initiated over the last few years. While in some indicators the State has done well, other indicators need focused attention. SDG linked developmental interventions and their outcomes need to be properly analyzed, coordinated, and evidenced with ground level database”.

Mr.Mahapatra said “Accomplishment of SDGs requires “sustained efforts through evidence-based planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement at all level” and directed the departments to nominate one nodal officer and two program officers for SDG coordination.  The nominated officers should be well versed about the departmental planning, program, and activities. CS also directed the PMU to organize a detail training and orientation program for the nominated officers.

Development Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Jena said that the team would soon update State SDG indicator framework in collaboration with the departments.  Then the PMU would prepare the baseline report for pursuance of the SDG attainment. The PMU would also assist in developing the standardized data management system for collection of data, their   analysis and presentation in perspectives of the specific SDGs. DC asked Secretaries of all departments to extend necessary support to PMU in this collaborative exercise.  

Additional Chief Secretary Home Sanjeev Chopra along with Principal Secretaries, Secretaries, Special Secretaries and senior officers of all departments participated in the deliberations.