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Task Target For Tahsildars

Bhubaneswar: Taking a big step to rectify Record of Rights (RoR) in the name of actual tenant of land, Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), Revenue & Disaster Management Satyabrata Sahu has asked all Tahasildars to dispose of 200 such cases each month.

“ACS, R&DM has instructed each Tahasildar to dispose of 100 partition cases and 100 suo moto updation of column 2 cases in each month so as to reflect the ground reality on land records,” the Revenue Department said in a tweet.

In an aim to extend benefits of various welfare schemes to the actual tenant of land, Mr.Sahu had earlier asked all Collectors to update the name of the actual tenant in Record of Rights (RoR).

In many Tahasils in Odisha, RoRs were finally published and issued to concerned land owners in the last settlement which was conducted between 1960s and 1990s and there have been no further revision settlement since then.

So, these RoRs have the name of the ancestors of the present tenants in Column 2 of the RoR. As a result of this, their eligibility in many welfare schemes such as PM Kisan is not incontrovertible and often, the actual tenants are subjected to elaborate documentation for not having their name in their RoR.

These persons are deprived of obtaining agricultural inputs and formal credit from banks or banking institutions.

The Tahasildars will suo-moto update the RoR on their own or on receipt of report from any of his subordinate officers.