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Stray Dogs Care In Urban Zones

Bhubaneswar: All the urban local bodies (ULB) of the State have been asked to make necessary provision of food for the stray animals during the Lockdown period.

The State Government has decided to extend support for stray animals in urban and semi urban areas during COVID-19 Lockdown Period, so that their welfare can be ensured.

Principal Secretary Housing and Urban Development G Mathi Vathanan has written to all Municipal Commissioners and Executive Officers of All Urban Local Bodies (ULB) in this regard.

He said due to resurgence of COVID-19 Pandemic resulting in Lockdown period in the State effected from May 5 to 19, thousands of stray animals in the State will have a hard time for finding food leading to starvation and other consequential issues.

Therefore, it has been decided to direct all the ULBs in the State to take necessary provision of food for the stray animals during lockdown period.

The ULBs have been asked to meet the expenditure out of the funds available with them from various sources including own source revenue or subject to recoupment from Special Relief Commissioner (SRC)/Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF).

The ULBs will provide food to stray dogs and animals in urban areas to prevent starvation and to ensure welfare of these animals.

The ULBs may co-opt and partner with organizations working for animal Welfare in their ULBs. Only in case non-availibility of such organizations, the ULB can do this with in house resources or Mission Shakti Groups and Federations.

Priority for partnering with such organizations or group of volunteers  with credential is needed to be done and it has been advised to involve local level officers and officers of Fisheries and Animal Resources Development (FARD).

While Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation has been allowed Unit Cost Per Day (UCPD) is Rs.20,000 while Cuttack, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Berhampur Muncipal Corporations are allowed Rs.10,000 UCPD.

All Municipalities UCPD is Rs.5000 and for Notified Area Councils (NAC) it is Rs.2000.

Accordingly the ULBs have been asked to act immediately to take care of the stray dogs and animals in Lockdown period, so that they will not starve.