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State Tops Social Sector Spending

Bhubaneswar: Odisha holds ‘Top Position’ in the country so far ‘Social Sector’ spending is concerned, thanks to the overdrive of the State Government and its concern to support one of the most sensitive sectors, officials say.

Latest Report of the Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) of India on Fiscal Indicators reveals that Odisha is on the ‘Top’ so far expenditure in supporting people socially.

Year-To-Year Fiscal Position presented by CAG reveals that performance by July 2021 over July 2020 presents a positive picture.

The Report reveals that Social Sector Spending in July 2021 over July 2020 was nearly 43 Percent and to be very accurate it was 42.96 Percent.

Higher Spending in MGNREGS, KALIA, Food Security, Pension Programs  and other Pro-People Programs boosts State’s Ranking and it has been on the ‘Top’ so far other States are concerned.

So far Social Sector Spending is concerned, no other States, even progressive and developed States were no match to Odisha, Report Reveals.

Very High Income States like Maharashtra spent 0.57 in Social Sector, while High Income State like Tamilnadu spent a Negative(-6.91) Percent in July 2021 as compared to July 2020.

Odisha, which is in Mid Income Category States, also include Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.

All these States have also are no match to Odisha and their spending in Social Sector was poor.  

Fiscal Indicator Report also presented details on State’s Own Revenue Generation, which also very high.

So far All India Ranking is concerned; Odisha stands ‘Third’ in generation of State’s Own Revenue.

While Haryana Tops the List, Madhya Pradesh is Second and Odisha stands ‘Third’ position.

So far Own Revenue Generation is concerned, Odisha is performing exceedingly well for quite some time and when Central Grants and Transfers are coming down, Own Resources are coming to great help for the State, admit senior officials.

It is observed that growth in State Own Revenue is concerned; it has gained 76.4 Percent growth.

Odisha is also among Top Three States, so far Revenue Expenditure is concerned.

State has achieved a growth of 18.07 Percent, while Total Revenue Receipts are concerned; Odisha stands ‘Fifth’ Position in the Country.

Analysts feel this this is due to less fund flow from Central Kitty, however State’s Revenue Expenditure is on higher side and Odisha stands ‘Third’ on this count, officials admit.

However, Capital Expenditure is poor and now the State Administration is harping on more spending on Capital Sector.

While Capital Outlay of Rs.25,788 Crore, which is around 15 Percent of the Total Budget, spending in this sector is not encouraging, admit officials.

Hence officials handling infrastructure sector are needed  to take steps to further increase the pace of expenditure so far CAPEX is concerned, they admit.

As per CAG Report, Odisha has registered a growth of 13.28 Percent so far Total Expenditure during this period  is concerned and stands at 9th Position in the country, admit officials.